Friday, February 1, 2013

Some memories


Since I couldn't work outside yesterday afternoon, I started working on my photo wall. I'm making one wall in our hallway a wall of photos from top to bottom. Obviously it's going to take a long time to fill it all, but I had a few frames to start with. So I spent a lot of time going through old pictures, back to 2007 anyway, since that's as far back as my computer goes for pictures. For the real oldies, I gotta pull out the discs.

Obviously we've taken a lot of pictures over the years... so these are just some odds and ends (and some I know I've shared in the past) that I thought would be fun to share. The picture above is Buddy dog, the dog who brought Kevin and I together when he ran away from home in 2003 and came to my house! He was about 12 in that picture, and waiting for a cookie as I'm sure you can tell. He passed away in 2010. Essentially, he started all of this.


I love how I caught Kevin with his hands on his face in this picture. It was a pretty big "oops" moment. Not a big deal though, I winched the tractor out with the winch on the mule. It's quite the memory though. A lot of praying the tractor didn't tip over went on during that situation. 


This picture is from the fall of 2009, and we had three dogs at the time but Buddy wasn't in this picture. I'm not sure why. Back in the days of three dogs. Those days are long, long, gone. Max looks so handsome in this picture. 


This is Chip and Snuggles enjoying a cookie. Well Snuggles is enjoying his cookie while Chip is looking for more. 


The first batch of chicks we ever had born on the farm... various Bantams. They were so adorable. It's amazing how Bantams are so small but they are so tough and hardy too - they are such great mamas to their chicks. I loved watching them charging around the barn catching bugs.


This picture is from last winter, older blog readers might remember Buttons our orphaned fawn. We haven't seen him this year, but we have seen trail camera pictures further from the house of a spike buck, you never know, it could be him... or he might have just moved on. In my heart I hope he is still alive and thriving. 


Nibs being cute. If you read my post about our rabbits, you'll remember he was my first rabbit. He still holds a big part of my heart. And his portrait also holds permanent space on my back. 


I just love this picture of Nibs in the sun - just look at those closed eyes, is this happiness or what? He was such a total sun worshiper. 


Banana! One of our Kakarikis birds as a baby. Is that cute or what? They are so ugly they are adorable. 


A teenage Max eyeing up Peter rabbit. He looks like he's saying "I wish I could eat you but mom won't let me" but what he's really saying is "why are you on the outside of the fence?" Because he won't touch my rabbits - he's grown up with them. But his expression is priceless. 


A baby Norman with Noel and Nibs in 2007.


That load of apples came off of ONE tree! 


Max and a baby Flavious.


A baby Buckwheat (my Saanen buck) looking for more milk. 


One of our past Llamas, our last Llama, Chance. He was a complete goofball and got along with all the animals. He fit in our family like a piece of a puzzle that found the right spot. It was really heartbreaking to loose him. Our farm isn't quite the same without a Llama... we've had 7 in the past. I keep my heart open that the right one will come along, someday. Our best two Llamas, Larry and Chance were both seniors about 14-16 years old, so we didn't have them long, but they were the sweetest animals ever. So we hope that someday another senior Llama might need a home. 


"Do we have to go out there someday?" These two were so funny. I went to pick up a goat kid and they gave us these two chicks because they had been left out in the cold and they thought they'd die. Well of course I brought them straight home and into the living room and they didn't die. They lived inside for a long time, then grew up to become good layers.

It's cold today, but the wind has calmed down a lot so we'll be spending the day in the forest logging to replenish our wood supply while we can.

Hope you all have a great day! 


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i can't tell you how i love seeing pics of your gang. they sure are lucky to have found there way to you!

Tayet @ Farm Life at its Best said...

Great pictures! Flavious was so cute as a puppy.

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, oh my, such heartwarming pictures, really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful animals,,,thanks Francine.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh my gosh, these are all so great! I love the baby chicks. Too cute. And baby Flavious is hurting my heart he's so cute! Ahhh!

Photo walls are a lot of fun. My husband used to have a whole room full of photos taped to the wall like wallpaper. When he had to take it down when moving was a sad day!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Enjoyed seeing all your pictures of your animals!! Please post one of the kakarikis birds full grown! Lovely yellow and how large do they get!!
nice how everyone interacts so well with each other!

Dewena Callis said...

I loved seeing each one of these photos of your precious animals. They are all so healthy and happy looking. I know you miss them terribly when you lose them but you gave them such a good home. Both you and they were fortunate.

Mary Ann said...

What a lovely look back, and you're right, the picture of the tipped over tractor was priceless!

Ellen in Oregon said...

You have captured many great memories & your photos will make a wonderful photowall. Thanks for sharing all your amimal family. You have a great nack for letting us know each & every personality (for good or naughty) out there in the Forest Haven. You put a lot of work into the animals, but a lot of love comes your way in return. Buddy looks like he was a very sweet boy. How cute that he served as a matchmaker for you & Kevin.

Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

Lot of good memories. I love those pictures.

They would make me smile and cry at the same time. But still great memories.

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