Stinky goats and colors on the farm

I decided to take a short break from my chores, to share some pictures of the beautiful fall color we are getting at the farm, and also my stinky boys. 

We are having more color than I expected this year, and it's beautiful... but the trees are dropping their leaves very quickly, while a lot of the trees haven't even turned yet. 

I've begun unpacking the 5th wheel... all 4 months of stuff has to come out, so we can winterize it and also take it to a repair shop to get worked on. So it's a mad rush to get everything cleared out, and I can't even tell you how much stuff we have in there. 

Buckwheat is nicely stinky now and all covered in pee... he's a mess. But it's that time of year. He has not met Barnaby yet - the new buck... he's eyed him up through the fences but that's it. Buckwheat is not a fighter - so I'm not worried about that, but I still won't let them run as a group again for quite some time, until things settle down. 

We have been getting really beautiful weather, it's been quite warm but usually with a cool breeze. While on duty this afternoon, Max took some time to stop and enjoy the cool breeze. 

Barnaby is completely wild - but he's doing his job. I'm able to get him in the barn at night, which surprised me. As long as no one talks to him, or looks at him.. he's fine. The girls seem to all like him, and he's not a fighter, he hasn't bothered anyone including the sheep... I'm pleased with that. 

what? don't take pictures of me!

I'm busy trying to look handsome for the girls....

looking out at our pond from the side of the house

I took the boys for a short walk with me, so they could get some fresh air and I could get some pictures. I brought them home before I headed off trail because it's not safe for them and also there are dozens and dozens of ticks out now, I had 20 of them on me at one time this afternoon. 

I walked down a short trail to get a look at one of our ponds, which looks across at an area we call the Cedar marsh. It's the only place on our property we have Cedar trees. 

As I expected, it was beautiful out there. It's one of my favorite places on the farm this time of year. In winter, this is one of my favorite places to follow deer trails looking for antlers. 

This is always one of our best trees, it likes to steal the show. 

I hope the leaves will hold long enough for more of the trees to turn. A lot of big trees have no leaves on them at all now, so it's changing fast. 

Our ponds are very low - our turtle pond, above, is the lowest I've seen it in years. We have been getting some rain but the summer was sure hard on everything. I was terrified my hay guy would tell me he wouldn't have enough hay for me this winter, a lot of people are struggling with the bad hay crop, but he promised he would have enough hay although he's short on round bales. There have been shipments of hay coming in from out West to help people who don't have enough hay to get through the winter. 

It's time for me to head back to work... while the boys enjoy their afternoon of relaxing. Sorry for the short post but the 5th wheel won't unpack itself. Although I really, really, wish it would! Maybe someone could invent one of those? 


Mary Ann said…
Donna, your color is much better than ours right now, really beautiful. The boys look happy to be home... and gee, I'm kinda glad I don't have the stinky pee-covered boys here! :-)
jaz@octoberfarm said…
wonderful to be back home, eh? i guess i am clueless, but why do bucks pee on themselves when they are about to mate? i guess it is sort of like why woman put on perfume?
I love autumn. Your land is beautiful. Barnaby looks like a character.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Barnaby is a handsome devil. All chic and debonair with that beard.

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