October colors & sniffles

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Well we have been sick! For what seems like forever too. It's been well over a week for me and longer for Kevin. We don't often get flu's and colds since we don't see a lot of people, but one got us this year. Mine went into my sinuses so I had quite a lot of sinus pain for a few days which was not fun. We are still pretty run down and still coughing a lot, but it's trying to break up. It slowed things down considerably around here though and has been beating us up.

Today it is very warm outside, but also very windy so it's raining leaves. But before the winds came and before I got sick, me and the boys were able to enjoy a lot of nice walks.

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They love going on walks no matter when, but this is by far their favorite time of year for it.

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Especially Rollie's.

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Norman likes walking but he's not for running around like Douglas and Rollie. At eight years old, he keeps up well on walks and has bursts of energy but he's not full of it like his younger brothers anymore. He doesn't mind that I need to rest a lot too, he likes the resting part.

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One day we walked all the way to our Porcupine creek, one of my favorite spots on the property, it always has been since I first came here. Several of my animals have been buried here and some of my moms ashes even went into this creek. Its a peaceful spot. It's also a far walk there and back - for me right now. I don't think I've walked there and back in the year since my surgery. I've been there in the ATV but not walked since my stamina is so limited. But I did pretty well this time.

We call it the porcupine creek because they have dens in the rock ledges and piles there. It's a shallow creek, and the dogs are used to it and can easily cross it because of all the rocks... They had been back and forth several times during our recent visit there but for some reason Douglas then blanked out and forgot it was water and he just jumped straight in!

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And when he landed in it, he just froze and stood there in surprise. I couldn't help but laugh at him.

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After a minute he finally figured out standing there wasn't a good idea so he turned around and ran out to shake off, and run around like a crazy dog.

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Rollie thought it was pretty funny as he safely watched from the opposite side of the creek.

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It was a beautiful afternoon and the dogs and I were so happy to be out together in our forest. Nothing makes me feel as centered, calm, and peaceful as a good walk in the forest, and being able to just sit and enjoy it and it's magic.

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I've also spent time with the goaties, who are all doing great and getting nice and wooly as it starts to cool off. My little bottle baby from this spring, Lavender is growing into a real beauty and she's still as sweet as pie.

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And there has been plenty of cuddle time, which Max enjoys.

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We've also had some beautiful sunsets...

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And the colors were great. Rollie and I did some extra walking together, some tougher walking off trail which I managed well. It's going to be a while before I can hike like I used to be able to and endure the heavier physical activity but my body is growing stronger and I'm just so grateful to be able to be up and get around again.

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And of course I've been cooking! We've had lots of soups, stews, and breads...

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And these pumpkin scalloped potatoes which are just about the best thing EVER...

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Yesterday was our Thanksgiving here in Canada and although I was sick, I wanted to make sure we had a proper meal. It's my mother in me, no matter what, we must have a proper meal on holidays. It's worth it to me to put the energy out. I made a maple syrup oatmeal pie and a pumpkin pie.

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And then the rest of the goods to go along with it. My popovers came out on the first try so I was happy with that! :) And of course the dogs offered constant emotional support and clean up assistance throughout the entire preparation of, and eating of, the meal.

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But otherwise we've been doing a lot of this. We are exhausted from this bug. I'm sure mine is taking an extra toll since I'm so recently out of surgery. But we are getting it beat, just slowly.

I hope all my Canadian friends had a Happy Thanksgiving and everyone else a great weekend! Even though we are sick we have been busy getting chores done for winter as much as we can so we don't fall too far behind, there is much to be done in a short amount of time so it's really set us back, but we are working on it. And the weather has been holding well thankfully, but the change is coming quickly.

For this evening it's just leftovers and rest on the menu here.


Lovely, lovely fall season for you all! Glad that you're feeling better (except for the flu) and sounds like you're getting back to normal!!
Happy thanksgiving and I am glad you are regaining your strength, truly something to be thankful for.
This virus has everyone down. We contracted it early in September and I am finally just stopping coughing so much. It hits hard and likes to visit, unfortunately! I loved your pictures of the sunsets, absolutely amazing!! Your Thanksgiving feast looks delicious! :) We went to our cottage for it and our hot water tank died on Friday, the fridge on Monday. Good thing we are closing up for the season!!
Mary Ann said…
Donna, I am so sorry you have been so sick... you didn't say if Jim had the bug, too... I hope not. Your farm looks glorious in October! Keep healing... you are so far ahead of where you were last year!
LoriU said…
The soup in the blue crock looks sooo good! What is it?
Mark Kimel said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. I can plainly see you ain't gonna go hungry. Would like to have been there to help ya eat. LOL
Bobbi D. said…
Love all the pictures, as usual. Glad you are on the mend too. Feel better! xoxo

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