The weekend

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Thank you all for your encouraging and loving comments and support. One of the reasons I shared the last post was because I thought it was important to because it was honest, although I hesitated and Kevin asked me why I wouldn't post it.. but it wasn't just for me, and to thank you all... It was also because I know a lot of you who read my blog, probably all of you, have some kind of challenge you are facing yourself. Being in chronic pain and dealing with this illness and often looking fine on the outside (when I'm not swollen up and have make up on! :) I have realized how many people I encounter in life and just take for granted that they are fine. That they are well. I've learned that things are not always what they seem. And of course a lot of people are not just battling illness, be it invisible or not, but a lot of people are battling serious things in their personal lives that cause great stress, or grief. We all have our burdens and I think I just wanted everyone to know I am not the type of person to always see things in the positive - but I am learning that we need to focus on the beauty of life as much as possible no matter what horrible thing we are dealing with - because the beauty keeps us moving forward and not standing still or crumbled up in a heap in the corner, if you get my drift. I'm working very hard to stay strong everyday, sometimes I'm great at it. Sometimes I'm not... but I'm always trying. And my message is that I want all of you to keep trying as well.

The weekend was pretty good, and I had some pretty good days overall. It was really nice to be outside and physically be able to do a little bit and also I have no doubt, the nice weather helps improve every one's spirits. Today I'm resting, and thought I'd take advantage of it to share some pictures.

On Saturday I managed a hike with the dogs - off trail. I have been walking lots but on trail. It wasn't too hard on me, but on the way home I came out to the trail to walk home just in case I couldn't make it, but I did. And when I got home I rested. I was exhausted and thought I'd never be able to stand up again but after a couple of hours of rest, I managed another short hike with Kevin! It was a great day. I felt like my old self being able to be in the forest, to walk. I was tired and I had some pain, but less than usual, and I could feel that although my body is struggling and has been through a lot, that strength is still in there. I was OK even when I went to bed that night and didn't take anything which was a mistake because neither of us slept all night. My body felt like I had climbed Mt. Everest after physical exercise it's not used to. It hurt! But once I got up and moving again I was able to get through the day.

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The goats are shedding like crazy and trying to rub off that extra fur. Puffin is the same size as Hickory - who was born in Feb of this year. I cannot believe she is a year old and the size of this years babies still!

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Everyone enjoyed some extra treats

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and Barnaby wished he could have a baby bottle too...

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The boys were so excited to get out on a hike...

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and Norman was the first across the creek!

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Douglas was the last one but finally figured out he could jump right over it...

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running free... Rollie is like a Beagle in the bush, nothing but nose and speed...

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The bad part is the ticks are out already...

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Thankfully all the dogs let me check them over for ticks, including Rollie. They go for their annual vaccinations and check ups at the beginning of May, and I'm going to vaccinate both the Chihuahua's for Lyme. Douglas got vaccinated this winter while we were dealing with his Lyme disease. It's a terrible disease for dogs, and people (for whom it's even harder to diagnose.) so we try to be as cautious as possible but while still living our lives, otherwise we'd have to stay inside the house and not ever step outside again.

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Kevin and I went out for a short hike with a specific mission but stopped to say hello to some friends at one of our ponds...

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There were two beavers swimming around but one of them came right over to get a good look at me...

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He wasn't the slightest bit worried about us, just curious...

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We went to one of the spots we know where there is quartz so I could bring some home for jewelry making.

You could not have asked for a more beautiful spring evening, there were Wild turkeys out, Partridge drumming, frogs singing, and no bugs! It was heavenly.

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This morning one of our does and her fawn were in the pond having a drink right outside our front porch...

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It feels so good to have them back. A lot of them have quite large scars on their sides and neck, one of the does has one from her neck almost all the way to her tail. They must have had a very rough winter.

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One of our girls has been working overtime producing an extra large egg for us. Kevin thinks she's eating all the feed and I think she's probably just showing off for the other girls.

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also, the Pussy Willows are out!

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This was our final maple syrup haul for this year (that's not bourbon and whiskey anymore) 4 gallons of the best syrup we've made, nice and dark. The sap this year had a higher sugar content than usual because of this very cold winter - it took a lot less time for it to turn to syrup than usual because of it and it's much richer. At least we have something good to show for surviving an unusually cold winter!

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I made a lemon meringue pie yesterday and a Prime rib roast with all the fixings for dinner. I was exhausted by 5 PM and in bed, but it was worth it and we have leftovers now, except for the pie... that's long gone.

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Beatrice (My Saanen doelings) buckling Wally has completely captured my heart, which I think he set out to do. Although I am not supposed to be keeping any more boys (over half my herd now is males and wethers!) he's too cute for words. I told him today to shoo after I held him and kissed him because I said I wasn't supposed to be falling in love with him... he came back and started rubbing his head on my boot... So I picked him up again and he licked me on the face and then started to fall asleep (almost instantly) with his head falling backwards in the air. Jim was laughing. Wally reminds me a lot of Sammy my heart goat that passed away in January. And not because of looks, but because of personality. Wally is not being bottle raised, and usually my kids are all friendly but he loves being held more than a bottle baby and today, he wanted to see Lavender's bottle so I jokingly let him see it and he started drinking instantly! It was the funniest thing. Even at almost 2 months Lavender needs help getting the nipple in her mouth, and Wally who has never had a bottle just started drinking away. He's a fluffy and fat little guy too. He looks like his mom, Beatrice, even the smile.

It is supposed to cool off again and we have rain coming. Jim is away for the night so I"m handling the chores tonight and in the morning myself. I can handle the animals fine since everyone puts themselves into their pens at night - I should video it some night to share... but I cannot carry water without causing trouble for myself, so we are going to fill everything up full tonight... it's nice we can do that now that everything isn't freezing. We are getting lots of frost in the morning but the water is fine. When we woke up extra early on Sunday morning the ground was so white it looks like it had snowed again!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I have a Doctors appointment on Thursday which will tell me a lot about my options - hopefully. 


Ticks! Oh no! I was hoping that after the horrid winter we are having (still ongoing in Manitoba) that this would kill off all the ticks. And mosquitoes. Take care and one day at a time! :)
Leigh said…
Ticks already! Yikes! I found a first one too, on the ear of one of my baby goats. I so regret that we don't have our guineas any more.

I always love your photos but that last one is really a gem. I'm glad to see you posting, even though I know it's tough. You're a real trooper. I admire that.
Dreaming said…
It's great to hear from you and I am loving that maple syrup. Wow! It looks yummy!
Good luck at the Doctor... I hope you get some answers!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
so, is wally staying? that's a lot of bourbon...oops! i mean maple syrup! we are getting cooler with rain on the way. thank heavens. it was 85 degrees here yesterday!
The JR said…
I love all your pictures. Good to see that you were able to get out and take a few walks.

Those goat babies are so cute, I'd want to keep all of them.

The maple syrup, pie and a prime rib roast all look and sound fantastic.

I hate ticks. Really hate them.
Nana-Bob said…
I will be praying for your Doc to do what he needs to do for you. :/ I hate that your are in such pain and discomfort.
Your pictures, as usual, are wonderful. I am so jealous of your syrup and that pie, yummy!! Let's see here, what could I trade you for a bottle of syrup! lolol.

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