Trying to catch up with December...

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December has just gotten way ahead of me! I'm still not back on my feet from my latest set back, but aside from the pain, I am a little better. My current pain problems and also things that are happening, could be from my surgery, could be from (hopefully not) new adhesions, but it also could be (and likely is) an underlying condition(s). I went to my Doctor here on Thursday very hopeful she would help me. She told me that she knows this is very painful and it could also mean something bad but since it's Christmas, she said she wanted me to "go home, IGNORE the pain and the symptoms, and have a wonderful holiday." I told her I hadn't been able to eat properly in days and she said "just eat whatever you want." She also refused a referral to specialist "until I get worse" (and it takes up to a year to see one) and she refused any medication including the medication my surgeon had given me and recommended (which is not a pain medication even, it's for a specific issue.)

Long story short I left the appointment very upset and I will not be returning there. This is the same Doctor that told me to just think positively and pretend it's not happening, when I told her through tears I couldn't live with this pain anymore and I'd have to give up my farm in May. The next day my surgeon in Georgia called and said no one should live like that, nor did they have to, and he'd help me. 

Well after a night of frustration and tears, the next day my amazing Doctor in Georgia came through for me yet again. He won't leave me to suffer and just "ignore" what's happening. He's giving me something else to try for the constant spasms I'm having and trying to help me find some Doctors whom are closer who will help me in New York State. I've had it with being told this might be a very serious condition (in her own words) BUT just Ignore it (again in her own words.) 

I am still struggling but feeling so much better that my surgeon knows what's happening and is trying to help me, something he doesn't really have to do. I thank my lucky stars 1,000 times a day I have access to such an incredible Doctor. 

In order to center myself and remember that I'll get through this, I had a good long snuggle with the critters and hope was restored. Although still somewhere deep inside I'd like to introduce my "just ignore it" Doctor to my two Great Pyrenees whom don't appreciate their mom being messed with.

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A good snuggle always makes things better.

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and reminds you that you can get through this because you are well loved, and needed....

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And three adorable little goaties helps too...

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Puffin is not thrilled with this thing called winter, although she has put on a nice fuzzy coat. I'm so glad there is three of them so they can snuggle. She doesn't appreciate clothes, otherwise I'd have a sweater on her all the time... and booties... and a hat.

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Aurora got really interested when she decided I *might* have treats!

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Lou and Dew, our Pekins, are bigger than Puffin who is now almost 7 months old! Pygmy goat kids are the cutest thing ever.

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I can't pick up the other two girls because they are really heavy, probably not to most people but since my heavy lifting days are over, I can only manage Puffin still who weighs no more than Douglas the Pug. And she loves giving and getting kisses. I lucked out with all three of these little girls.

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and Beautiful Bea!

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Here is Biscuit giving her "if looks could kill" look to the turkeys.

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Have I mentioned Braveheart (Lambie) my blind ram turned SEVEN! Where the years have gone, I have no idea...

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This is how the turkeys have been feeling about this cold...

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We moved the couch a while ago in preparation for the Christmas tree getting set up (which it still hasn't been) and the Chihuahua's love it because it's now closer to the fire - just where they like to be.

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Douglas doesn't care where the couch is, as long as we are on it together and he's got a toy to chew.

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Over a week ago Jim helped me get the village up and I'm grateful for it since it's the only decorating that has been done. I am hopeful we will get the tree up in time but I don't think we'll do all our usual decorations since I'm not able to do much at all. We have a lot of books to go on these shelves but they still need to come up out of storage so it bought me some empty shelves for decorations!

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Last night it was below 0 F (so about -20 C without the wind chill) and we were supposed to get a lot of snow. Jim put the critters in before dark (which means 4 PM ish right now) but I wanted to go back up in the evening to make sure everyone was warm enough, had enough food, and was happy. I needed to see with my own eyes that everyone was OK in this cold. It will get a lot colder than that here, but usually January brings our colder temps so it's a little earlier than expected. The guys were not happy about me going up to the barn, but I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I had not.

When I got up there, Lou and Dew were out trying to break the ice off their swimming pool! I had to tell them to get back inside. Everyone inside the barn was just fine, and I gave them all more food. It was quite comfortable in there and I felt so much better knowing they were all OK.

Today it's warmed up a bit, thankfully. We did get some snow, enough to plow, but nothing to get too excited about. Kevin put the plow on the tractor for the first time this year and he's doing a bit of a clean up right now. It's just started to snow again, big, fluffy flakes.

My biggest goals today were to get some Bolognese sauce on and wash my hair... and I managed both of them! In my head I have 2,000 things I'd like to get done but since that's impossible, I'm trying to cut it down to one or two right now. I pulled a twig out of my hair this morning, and was worried that in my bun there was a bird or something, but thankfully it seems, while he was making a nest in there, he himself was not home.

The next few days will be busier around here and I'm hoping I manage through them OK. The new medication I will start Wed or Thursday can cause bad side effects (one is blurry vision like the last one) so my Doctor has given me a very low dose. I'm hopeful it will help, even a little, without the bad side effects. I'd love to have even a little less pain right now so I can focus on some other things...

I hope everyone is safe and warm this weekend! 


Primitive Stars said…
Afternoon, I agree, nothing like a snuggle from a critter, love all your animal picture, so precious......Happy you have a great Doctor willing to help you, hope you are feeling better day by day......Keep Cozy, Francine.
I just hate that your doctor wouldn't help you out. That is so horrible. I've heard many people say it takes a while to find a good doctor who is actually willing to help. I'm so glad you found your doctor in GA and I hope he can find you someone closer.

You and Puffin look so cute together! I wish I could give your cute goat kids some hugs, too. They are so precious.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i would never go back to that bad doctor either. i really hope the new meds help. glad you could catch up with snuggles. the storm only gave us rain and some flurries. we were supposed to get 8 inches. bummer for me! hang in there!
Mary Ann said…
I'm so glad you wrote that pygmy babies can often stay small, because my two little girls are still so tiny I was getting worried! Not as small as the sweet Puffin, though!
I'm so glad you are going to get some medication to help you... and I have VILLAGE ENVY!!!!
Heritage Hall said…
Dear heart, no one should have to
suffer and be patronized rather
than given relief. So glad you found a real, sensitive physician.
I just love your menagerie and would kidnap Puffin if the home owners association here would allow her occupancy..... Here is
hoping your condition will be
resolved and you can feel like
yourself again. In the meantime,
a blessed Christmastide to you and yours.
Gosh - I'm so sorry to read about yet another bad experience with a doctor. That's just awful. I can't imagine the frustration in addition to the pain. So grateful your surgeon is trying to help though. I LOVE all the photos of the animals - they are just so cute. And the picture of you and Puffin is adorable!! Hugs to you.
Dreaming said…
Let's see, you had so much to say, and I had so much I wanted to say in return!
I love Puffin... What a cutie!
The pictures of the turkeys told an entire story of what they think of your weather!
I don't know how you captured the blowing snow - but it is chillingly beautiful!
There is no reason a Doctor should ever disregard your pain. No excuse! I have always believed that a person knows their own body and knows when something isn't right, even without pain, and Doctors should listen.
Stay warm!
I'm so glad that you dumped that aweful other Dr. I just hope that the Ga. Dr. will come through and find someone close for you!!
Your little tiny goats are so adorable. I can't believe the ducks are almost the same size as the goats!! Stay warm and take care!!
Nana-Bob said…
Oh Donna, I am so sorry. It is a wonder that woman even has a license at all. :( I am so glad the Ga. Doctor is helping as much as he can. So sorry this is on going. :(
I will say some special prayers for you this week to get relief.
The babies all look good and I am sure they wish you could be there all the time, but you have to take care of yourself first.
That is an impressive Christmas village.
A good snuggle with your pets always makes it somewhat better, but I do hope you get some real pain relief soon.
Thinking good healing thoughts for you,

k said…
I can't believe a doctor would treat a patient that way. Good thing you have all of those furry nurses at home. They're all adorable, but Puffin is so ridiculously cute she has to be good medicine.
I am so sorry to hear that you are still having pain and such a terrible doctor! I hope your new meds help relieve the one and rid you of the other!

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