A slow week

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Since Saturday, I realized the problem that had been fighting me last week was not gone. Sunday night we ended up in the ER to make sure I did not have a blockage which is what my surgeon in Georgia was concerned about. From what the Doctor could tell it seemed that stopping the antispasmodic meds my surgeon had put me on (the one that helped a lot but blinded me) had sent my body and all it's muscles into a frenzy and it was all just going nutso. He gave me a different med, but one that is nowhere near the strength of the 1st one. It did help a little for sure, but then the rest of my body retaliated to the point I felt as bad as just before my surgery and just after. It really scared me to be feeling that level of pain and bad again, all of a sudden. I had been up, starting to do things, feeling like I was really making small steps forward and then before I knew it I was flat on my back and in worse trouble than I had been in for months. 

We still have no idea for sure what triggered this episode but I've had symptoms I've never had before, and some pain I just told my surgeon three weeks ago was 90% gone. So something went wrong. I'm still on the couch, but a little more lively feeling, although I'm still a wreck. Tomorrow I see my GP here and I am hoping she will prescribe me something that may help me get back on my feet while I try to get in to see some other specialists. I'm really, really, hoping she'll help me even in the short term.

Because of this, there has been a whole lot of lying down and sleeping going on, which the little dogs greatly appreciate.

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Rollie has tried to be as good a nurse as he can be... I was unable to eat for a few days, so he's just happy things like jello and yogurt are being enjoyed again....

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and they are great at helping me sleep...

 photo goofyrolliepollie_zpsb06556a6.jpg

Professionals I'd say...

Today is the first day I've been a little more alert, I can't stand up, so I am working on Christmas card lists and making about 2,000 TO DO lists. Maybe someday I'll get to them.

It's snowing like crazy and very pretty outside and I wish we could all go out and play, but the dogs seem content sleeping with me by the fire.

On Saturday Jim helped me get the village up but we still have no Christmas tree up. There has not be one year, not even last year, that I did not have my tree up the 1st week of December! I'm really hoping I'll be able to get it up before Christmas. I considered not doing it, but it just wouldn't be right. So even if it's Christmas Eve before I get it finished, hopefully it will be done. The days of December always seem to fly by.

Since I've been working on Christmas stuff a bit, and trying to get into the spirit, I thought I'd share just a few old Christmas pictures :)

 photo maxelf_zpsc05f9ac3.jpg

Max the elf, looking very impressed :)

 photo christmasrollie_zps80530f81.jpg

Baby Christmas Rollie, last year. Boy was he cute :)

 photo elfpug_zps71df1e6a.jpg

Dougie the elf, also looking very impressed!

 photo xmaspug_zps4c53ebc4.jpg

The Jingle Pug, one of my personal favorites!!

 photo dougandnoranbow_zps4c3f3396.jpg

and the two happiest Christmas kids you've ever seen, look at those faces!

I am sure I will get back up on my feet again, hopefully sooner rather than later. It was extra frustrating to be making progress only to feel like I lost all of it at the drop of a hat. But it's part of the process and I've reminded myself a dozen times, what's happening today, isn't what's happening tomorrow... and the roads we take to get to where we want to be are not always smooth and without curves and pot holes we sometimes trip in.

It's a little bit like a roller coaster, up and down, round, and round... but eventually I hope I get off the ride. 


I'm hoping that too. I really hate hearing about your set back. That stinks big time.

At least you have some very sweet helpers looking after you.

I do hope you get better soon. I know it's hard for someone who loves to do as much as you do to be flat on your back

Take care,
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i am so sorry to hear this but hopefully you will start feeling better soon! you do have such faithful and helpful sleeping companions. let the guys do the tree this year! you can sit and watch and supervise!
Mary Ann said…
Donna, just take care of yourself, that's the most important thing. Maybe you could put a little tree up this year... and I loved the pictures of the boys in their Christmas clothes!
Jocelyn said…
I'm sorry you're feeling so badly. I hope you get some good, healing rest and will come back stronger.

Your pups are adorable!
Primitive Stars said…
Morning, yes, take care of yourself, sure hope you feel better soon.....Love the pictures, oh my, Dougie's face is precious, sweet!!! Blessings Francine.
Gosh, I am so sorry to hear this :( I wish I could magically make you all better! But I can't of course, so I hope your doctor can give you some medicine to help you through this hurdle.

Baby Christmas Rollie all dressed up is just too cute for words! And your first photo is really lovely :)
Those pups are so cute! The picture of little Rollie in last year's getup! Adorable.

Donna - LOSE the to-do lists...they'll make ya crazy!
Thinking about you and sending you healing thoughts.
Ahhhh! Looks like all your loves are ready for Christmas!! Do take it easy and don't move!! Let all your critters come to you!! God Bless you - Pain be gone!! So sorry you hurt!! thoughts and prayers!

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