Saw my therapist today...

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She told me not to worry because everything is going to be fine.

She's very convincing.

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We have had some rain and it's clouding up this afternoon, but this morning was beautiful.

 photo IMG_2237blog_zpse4e9d3bd.jpg

And everyone enjoyed it.

 photo IMG_2260blog_zps162f2cc7.jpg

Especially three little girls....

 photo IMG_2261blog_zpse7ab36fd.jpg

Oh look, here comes Aurora...

 photo IMG_2262blog_zps148cf52c.jpg

and that little Puffin...

 photo IMG_2275blog_zps6284986e.jpg

Aurora wonders if you'd like some hay...

 photo IMG_2276blog_zps6573aef4.jpg

Are you SURE?

 photo IMG_2280blog_zpse22f144f.jpg

Firefly is sure enjoying hers...

 photo IMG_2283blog_zps3d770eae.jpg

Puffin is not a sharer. She may be small, but it takes a lot of food to keep this little girl happy.

 photo IMG_2285blog_zpsd75930f4.jpg

Guess who has peach fuzz? Ellie is already growing fresh hair over her bald patches where her urine scald was. She's got a nice soft lovely covering of new hair coming in. It makes me a very happy woman.

 photo IMG_2291blog_zpsa16c9266.jpg

Puffin: uh excuse me, this is my hay...

 photo IMG_2289blog_zps1601671c.jpg

Aurora: We'll let you stay, but we are not sure what you are exactly...

 photo IMG_2292blog_zps1f8b6a05.jpg

Max is busy keeping an eye on the little girls, I trust him, he doesn't let them out of his sight.

 photo IMG_2293blog_zpsb4307f56.jpg

Most of our leaves have dropped, but the Hickory are still holding most of their leaves....

 photo IMG_2294blog_zps643d44da.jpg

It's starting to look pretty bare in the forest though...  but it does help with being able to spot more critters...

 photo IMG_2295blog_zpsb86926d2.jpg

All was quiet down at the creek...

 photo IMG_2244blog_zps64c2bc9f.jpg

Except for all the frogs, they were really on the move today...

 photo IMG_2300blog_zpsc60357d8.jpg

It's hard to believe it's already Mid- October. Tomorrow it will be 3 months since my surgery. I still have a lot of bad days, and there is still pain. But I've come a very long way and I'm grateful for that.

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Our deer company is much different this year than any other. We have seen no bucks and absolutely no fawns. We've never had a year like this and it's quite alarming. We have trail cameras set up in all our usual places for this time of year and we have seen no one. 

I'm glad we've had at least one visitor, but he's been here all summer.

 photo IMG_2256blog_zps3967bf99.jpg

He's in good shape and it makes us glad to see it. We've seen a few does, and none of them have fawns... It's going to be an interesting winter. Hopefully the deer are there and just not following their usual patterns, so we are just not seeing them. 


Primitive Stars said…
Oh how I enjoy your posts with the beautiful animals you own, warms my the deer pictures, I adore them so, wonder why no fawns, hope they stay safe.......Take Care, Francine.
Now that's what I call therapy! That would definitely do you good. I don't know how you couldn't be happy while cuddling with those sweeties!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
good news from the therapist! and a great job with ellie!!! it is pouring here right now and for some strange reason, teddy is laying in the rain. this is as close as we get to grooming these days. the cold air moves in tonight! i am so excited!
You DO have the bestest therapist!! Too adorable!! It's wonderful to see you out and about more. Crazy that it has taken so long, but at least you have having more "better days!"
It's lovely where you are!! We are just now getting a little colored leaves and have a rainy day today. Suppose to have a blast of cold air this weekend --- am looking forward to it!!
Do you know why there are no deer?? Seems deer are everywhere down here!take care of yourself!
k said…
You have the cutest therapist ever. I love the picture with the three goat girls and Ellie. You are such an amazing person to take in a creature needing help when your yourself are healing. The world needs more people like you.
Dewena Callis said…
It is like turning the pages of a storybook to read this post. Hollywood could not do a better job of filming. And to think, it's all real!

You're getting such good medicine!
Mary Ann said…
Puffin Therapy, I hear it's the BEST.

I would be worried about the deer, too... and wondering what is going on.
Your photos always, always, ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. I sincerely hope you are having more good days than bad. :)
Nana-Bob said…
Love all the pictures, as usual. Are people allowed to hunt on your land? My sister has some land in NC and they trespass on it and was just wondering. They have even gone as far as to 'log' the trees!!! Unbelievable to me how people could do that.
I hope all the deer are just resting up and safe.
Puffin, she is the best little girl!
Glad bunny's bum is so much better.

Could be the deer are all being nocturnal.

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