A face only a mother could love...

 photo IMG_2007blog_zpsbce97888.jpg

Or I suppose, a female goat.

Most of the year my Buckwheat is a handsome white goat with the softest beard around. This time of year during rut, he looks like this. His entire belly, neck, beard, and face, just dripping with fresh pee. Isn't he handsome?

The hard part is, he continues to be just as sweet as he is the rest of the time, and he still wants kisses and me to rub his beard.

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The good thing is, in a few months I'll have this nice soft fluffy beard back.

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In the meantime, even his friends can barely stand the smell of him.


Primitive Stars said…
Well, he is still handsome under all the pee.:) Blessings Francine.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i never thought about him still wanting to cuddle covered in pee.....ewww!!! i bet he looks good to the girls though!
Too sweet!! I just love goats. :)
Haha, too funny! I bet he does smell pretty ripe right now. Nature is so crazy!
Mary Ann said…
Whew! He even looks smelly!
Kim said…
Our goat Stewart goes like that too at that time of year. He is just so sad that we don't want to cuddle him anymore and can't understand why we are steering clear of him when he has such lovely perfume on.
Cute faces! You are right, only a face a mother could love....
I know I should be studying but how does he pee on his beard? I just don't understand the physics of it. Does he bend his head down between his front legs?
lol...he does look a mess.

But, he still loves ya Mom!
lol...he does look a mess.

But, he still loves ya Mom!

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