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I decided to venture into town with the men. To get out for a bit. To see other humans...

Of course it was to be a short trip, with just a few errands to be ran. I had planned on sitting all the errands out, except for the grocery store. I can't walk far, so I wanted to make it count. The first thing we noticed was that we had a flat tire. We have 6 tires on the truck and of course as usual it was an inner dual that went flat, the most complicated to get at. So the first place we ended up was at our local mechanics so they could help fix it.

That took an hour. While we were there, and I was sitting in the truck, Kevin came along to get something out of the glove box. And then we saw this...

 photo mousenest_zpsde06ca50.jpg

Yes, that's a giant mouse nest. Yes they ate through most of our saved papers and also through our truck manual. They decided against eating up the dogs paperwork, and for that I'm grateful. Everything in there smells like mouse pee and it was not fun to clean up.

We have had mice problems in our truck forever. You can't have a vehicle out here without mice getting in. One year (and I swear this is true, you can call our mechanic) we were getting the truck repaired to go to Alaska and we were picking it up once the work was done and standing around at the shop talking to our mechanic, his wife, his kids (who also work there) and our farmhand Jim who had driven us into town to pick up our truck, in his car... we were talking about the mouse who lived in the truck. And no word of a lie, while we were talking about it, the mouse jumped out of the truck in front of ALL of us, ran across the mechanics yard, which was full of other vehicles.. and jumped straight into Jim's car! And Jim was actually running towards his car as if somehow he could stop this tiny mouse from jumping in.

No way.

One year in Whitehorse in the Yukon we were getting the truck looked at because we had been having a problem on the road. The guys opened the hood in the shop and a mouse climbed out, looked at them, and took off.

In other words... It's a long standing issue.

This one, really pushed his luck. I did manage to find my turtle bracelet in the glove box mess, and it's been missing for years... so all was not lost.

Anyway, getting the tire fixed left us in a rush to get our errands done. I did indeed get into the grocery store and I stocked up on all the goodies I wanted... spicy mortadella, cheese, bread...  It wore me out. I was leaning on boxes at the checkout debating sitting on the floor because I couldn't stand up any longer. Jim suggested I sit on a pile of red salt blocks they had against the wall. I'm sure it would have left an interesting mark on me if I had.. But I made it out, and we finished our errands.

When we got home I really wanted to go out to the turtle pond (which is not far from the house) to get a picture of it. It was so pretty with all the soft maples turning color - so I decided to chance it and stay up just a little bit longer.

 photo IMG_1800blog_zps953e615d.jpg

And so Jim and I went out to the pond... and I drove the Mule for the first time in 2 1/2 months... Man did that ever feel good.

 photo mushroomshaggymane_zps43144b8c.jpg

The Shaggy manes were out too! They come and go so fast, you are lucky to catch them.

 photo IMG_1812blog_zps112bfe89.jpg

This little pond is always pretty this time of year...

 photo IMG_1805blog_zps261a09cd.jpg

It greets us whenever we come or go from the farm...

 photo IMG_1822blog_zps309d6464.jpg

and its always full of turtles and Wood ducks. I realized with the little good energy I have right now, it's not worth wasting by going to town. I don't want to see other humans, I want to see my forest. My goats. That teeny bit of energy that belongs to me has many better things to get depleted on right now.

Many more things that might deplete my energy but will feed my spirit, and my heart.

 photo IMG_1806blog_zps4d8630e4.jpg

Autumn has arrived. And it's heavenly.

 photo IMG_1814blog_zpse7e5a0f2.jpg

On the way home I noticed these two by the house in the woods. A nice doe and a spike buck. I was so glad to see them.

 photo IMG_1840blog_zpsdb221443.jpg

And I even got to say hi to some of the critters! Jackson was hoping I'd have treats though, so that was a let down.

Then I went back to bed where I am now. My body isn't thrilled with me, but the pain is not bad compared to my "normal" pain. And I'm a good kind of tired and the happy kind.

The past few days I have not left bed and I have not even looked at my computer. I have been really busy since I got this package in the mail...

 photo IMG_1759blog_zps51a1de41.jpg

My sweet friend in B.C. sent me my second box full of yarn from her shop (her shop is her yarn room in her house ;) she knew I had been down because I couldn't out to the craft store like I had hoped, so she saw to it that I wouldn't be needing to go to one for a while!

 photo IMG_1765blog_zpsbf981e05.jpg

So I've been knitting from morning until night. I'm not kidding either. I've been knitting so much, I'm knitting in my sleep and having nightmares about dropped stitches. I am producing scarves like a madwoman right now. But it's keep my hands busy and keeping me out of trouble, which is a good thing!


Hi! Been a follower for awhile now and thought it best to come out of lurkdom to post a comment. What a lovely post today! The pictures at the pond are simply stunning. One day at a time and happy knitting!
My glove box looked just like that this morning. Darned mice! Hang in there, it will get better.
Ian H said…
Real happy to see that you are getting out and about! Nice fall photos and I like Jackson!
Dee said…
So good to hear you are up and out a little bit - but don't do too much! Your pond is beautiful. I am with you - who needs to go to town when you can have that - it speaks to my soul. Thank you for posting.
oh golly geez, I hope that Mickey didn't chew up anything too valuable.

Cats, get a couple of dozen like us and no mouses....of course, no lizards, frogs, butterflies, big insects either :)

Great surprise box from your friend.
Lana said…
Glad you got to get some time in town and in the mule! The pound is so pretty and Jackson is so cute!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
hahaha....knitting fever. i do the same thing and knit a million scarves but nothing more. i am so limited in my knitting skills. the turtle pond is gorgeous! i could sit there all day. we are having fabulous fall weather and i sure am loving it!
Dreaming said…
I am thrilled to hear that you seem to be having less pain - hooray!
I love your pond with the fall color around it. How gorgeous!
Yuck to the mouse!
Woah, how crazy about the mice problems in your truck! I'm happy that I don't have those issues out here. Maybe it's all the cats and guineas we have? :)

Love the pretty shots of the lake, especially the one of you by the lake! It looks so gorgeous out there. I'm glad you were able to get out a bit!
12Paws said…
Your pond photos are just plain beyond gorgeous. That wee mouse thought he had a fine winter home--back when I worked in the Florida Keys my work van's A/C wasn't cooperating & inspection revealed that a thousand ants had moved in & plugged all the lines. As it's said, where there's a will, there's a way. Very cool that you noticing your body's healing. God bless.
Nana-Bob said…
silly mice. they have it all wrong huh? lol. Oh well. I am glad you got out. Just try to think back when you couldn't even get out of steps my girlie! :)
Yeahhh for you - getting out and traveling to town!! Bet you're paying for it now - but you have to build up your strength!! Beautiful pictures of your pond and the fall leaves. We're getting a little cooler here in the last week or so. But we won't have color in the leaves until this time next month.
Take care of yourself!! looks like you have lots of colors to knit!! One day I'll learn!!
Mary Ann said…
I didn't see this until Wednesday. Donna, you take the most beautiful pictures! The pond.. how I have pond envy!
jody said…
You are truly surrounded by such beauty in landscape, wild life and home! Whats best is how much you appreciate it all.... Enjoy today and continue healing!

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