If you don't like parsley...

 photo IMG_1948blog_zps6a09a79a.jpg

Then Nelly and Olive think there is something wrong with you!

 photo IMG_1950blog_zps045e3509.jpg

 photo IMG_1941blog_zpsfa20dcf1.jpg

 photo IMG_1939blog_zps9b2a468a.jpg

You have to be nuts not to love fresh parsley.


jaz@octoberfarm said…
they must have great breath!
They are the cuties, most adorable creatures!! At least they won't be stinkie :-}}}
Ian H said…
I guess I must be nuts then and they can have my share! :-}
Leigh said…
So cute! Thank you for the Sunday morning smile!
Dreaming said…
Oh... they are so gosh darn cute! They are darling! I'm glad, however, that they are not living near MY parsley patch!
Oh my! They are so cute!

I like parsley!!!!
Oh my gosh, I love these photos! They are so adorable!!!
Anonymous said…
So cute, but holy hell look at the DAGGER claws.
Dewena Callis said…
I have to agree, Nellie and Olive! So good for you too.

They're sweethearts!

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