Rollie and the bee...

 photo IMG_1188blog_zps2abf6438.jpg

Hmmm, what is that? did you see it?

 photo IMG_1190blog_zps6f2257f4.jpg

now it's over there! it's moving fast... 

 photo IMG_1187blog_zps84c9aa8c.jpg

aha, I've got him now... 

 photo IMG_1186blog_zps1e8eecf6.jpg

I see you little bee, come over here and let me sniff you!

 photo IMG_1189blog_zpse12b4254.jpg

Well, maybe he'll come back to see me again later... 


I'm glad the bee flew away before it could do any damage! Love all your flowers - so pretty :)
jaz@octoberfarm said…
be careful there little pup! teddy caught a bumble bee once when she was little and she was not happy to have her mouth bumbled!
Dewena Callis said…
What concentration on that sweet little face! Love the beautiful flowers too.
Such lovely flowers!! didn't even notice the bee - too busy admiring your flowers.
Ellen in Oregon said…
Someday Rollies' couriosity may get him more than he bargained for. What follows is a precautionary bee tale that would be good to read to Rollie:
Many years ago there was a young, fluffy black cat named Mr. Waddlebottom (his tummy drooped a bit & would waggle side to side when he trotted. Hence the name). He was thought bees were very in-ter-esting too. One day MR. WB decided that a bee might be a delicious creature to eat. He snaped he jaws over a yellow jacket sitting on a danlilion and let let out a frightening yowl. He had been rewarded for this couriosity with a bee sting on his tongue. A minute later Mr. Waddlebottom fell over & stopped breathing.Then his heart stopped beating. Lucky for Mr. WB, his Human Lady was out weeding when this all happened. The Human Lady knew he was having an bigtime allergic reaction.The Human loved Mr. WB so much, that without hesitation, she began giving her beloved kitty mouth to snout resusitation along with heart compressions (very tiny ones). THANK HEAVENS! Mr. WB's heart began beating on its
own & he was breathing just enough so his Human could rush him to the vet. The vet gave Mr. Waddlebottom an adrenalin injection. He warned his patient never to try & eat a bee again. The vet wondered if Mr. WB had eaten the bee so he would know if there was more venom inside him. No, the Human Lady replied, I saw the bee fly out of his mouth when he was yelling over being stung. The Human Lady took poor Mr. WB home & they waited for his poor swollen tongue to feel better too. Then they both took a long nap because the cat & the Human Lady were mentally & physically exhausted by the trouble that stupid bee had caused.
Mr. Waddlebotton fully recovered in a day or two. He never was never interested in stupid bees again. The only things he ate ourside was his Nip plant & once in a while a big moth which he thought was superdelicious & he knew had no stingy weapons. Mr. Waddlebottom lived a delightful life with his Human and lived to be an old mancat at the ripe old age of 21. His Human knew he had used one or two of his 9 lives on that afternoon when he decided to try eating a bee.
In some ways it seems like Rolloe has been part of your family for a long time, but I was thinking that he must have a first Gotchaversary coming up in a couple of months. You should start thinking of what kind of party to throw in his honor. Does he have a favorite treat?
Well thanks for the cute photos. I hope you are feeling a smidg better today. You don't need to post this, i just had fun writing it for you & his cutness AKA Rollie.
My Oliver loves bees {and anything that moves} too. He chases moths at night rather than doing his "business". :) Very cute photos of such a curious little one.
He's such a cutie. Glad he didn't bite the bee.
Mary Ann said…
The flowers are beautiful and so cheery while you are recuperating! Hope you got to be outside for a while... don't overdo it!

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