Goaties, peppers, herbs, and self control... (or the need for it!)

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The past few days haven't been good ones. Recovery is going to be long and slow with good days and bad ones, and sometimes you need to constantly remind yourself of that. So I'm trying my best to continue to go with the flow as I have a very long way to go. The boys feel like I should take a lesson from them, and just relax! 

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Yesterday I was able to spend some time on the deck, which was nice. We actually had some sunshine and I sure enjoyed the fresh air. I can only stand up for a couple of minutes at a time and sitting in a chair is really hard on me, even highly padded with pillows, so I'm grateful for the short periods I can tolerate both. I could see Jackson from the deck, enjoying some fresh grass...

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and the sunshine after so many days of rain and cloudy weather... he much prefers shorter grass than long grass... I guess it must be sweeter? more tender? He knows his grass, so I trust it must be extra delicious.

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It was a beautiful day which went a long way to keeping my spirits up too. The hummingbirds came to the feeder, the bullfrogs were singing in the pond...

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I was able to pick some of my herbs so I could sit and bundle them for drying. I cannot let them go to waste because I look forward to enjoying them through this winter.

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It was nice to have a light activity that didn't take too much out of me. Certainly didn't hurt me, but I just get tired easily. It smelled wonderful.

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Jim and Kevin got everything set up for me and hung the herbs for me, so I just cut them and bundled them. And now they are drying away, and once they are done, I'll start another batch. I love growing herbs but I also love the look and smell of them drying in my kitchen. It's one of my favorite things.

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Jim helped me (and by help, I mean he did everything I just told him what to do) reorganize my pot garden since stuff was getting shaded out and needed fed, and moved around. Everything is growing really well and I was wrong about my peppers, they are actually doing fairly well although just a bit behind because of the cold weather.

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Some of them are ready to eat. Since I'm not able to do much cooking and can't preserve them right now I might have to start freezing some. A lot of them are loaded with peppers and others look like they will be once they are ready. I'm really excited about that. My poblano's may produce, and I so hope to get a good batch of pimentos. My jalapenos, habanereo's, cayenne's, and New Mexico peppers are really going nuts. As well two other new varieties of hot peppers I grew this year. So I'm very excited.

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Looking past the weeds, my sunflowers by the chicken house are growing and one is over 7 feet tall! I can't wait to be able to get down to the garden to see it up close but for now I'm enjoying seeing them from the deck.

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And Douglas is enjoying relaxing on the deck, that's what nice weather is made for.

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And sunshine is made for Chihuahuas....

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Best way I know of to get them to automatically lie down and just begin sunbathing dropping everything that they were doing instantly.

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I'm really enjoying that all my flowers are still in bloom and doing so well.

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Kodiak just wants to know when I will begin cooking again more often. They enjoy their non cooked treats of fresh veggies and fruit but they also appreciate their more gourmet options as well.

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I was able to take a short walk to my goat gate too, which is as I've mentioned very close to the house. The babies are just outside of there in their pen Jim moves daily to fresh grass for them, and the boys are in the goat yard so I can see them from the gate without going inside it. The girls are in the upper pasture so I have not seen them since I've been home and it will be a long while before I can get up to the barn. So I enjoy at least a little goatie love, I miss them. Jim brings the babies up to the house every night for their vitamins and I'm so glad to be able to kiss each of their little red heads!

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I handed the boys a little bit of fresh grass and they sure appreciated that, piggies that they are. They are just the best medicine there is. They may not take the pain away but they make my heart stronger, and remind me of all the good things I have to get better for. Of course all the critters do that.

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Basswood says "bring that closer!"

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Buckwheat always cracks me up. And his beard is finally nice and white again! At least until he starts peeing on it when rut begins which will be soon enough. My whole goat pasture is full of male goats which to most people who have goats is kind of useless. But every single male here, bucks included, brings so much comic relief I can hardly stand it. I've never seen such goofballs in all my life.

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or piggies either...

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Barnaby is looking quite handsome and has passed his red head onto every single kid he fathered. It's hilarious.

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Spock is so handsome, I can't get over it. He's a mixture of black, white, brown, red, grey. He's really a handsome looking little guy.

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And then there is my baby Sammy, who is mad at me. He always gets mad when I go away and he's not quite understanding why I am not snuggling him at bedtime and rubbing his tummy daily. But I'm working on his forgiveness. It doesn't take too much work thankfully, he's a mama's boy and aside from lots of kisses, food helps.

Today me and the boys are in bed resting and taking it easy. It's overcast again and very humid. The boys enjoyed the extra fresh air yesterday. I look forward to being able to go on short walks with them again, hopefully by fall which is the best time for that anyway :)


It sounds like a lovely day! I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Your pot garden looks awesome! I'm with you on the dried herbs - I just love the look of them hanging in my kitchen. Makes me happy :)

Hope you have a good weekend and are able to get a little more fresh air!
Mary Ann said…
Spock is turning into the most handsome boy! And the chihuahuas... hasn't Rollie fit in well with everyone else? I'm glad you're taking it so easy... keep up the good work and getting better!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
wow..your deck garden looks great. my peppers have suddenly awakened and the plants are healthy and blooming. maybe i will get some before fall! you sure do have some good 'resting buddies' there!
Terra said…
Your deck is gorgeous, so full of bountiful plants, the pretty chairs and view, and I like the pony and all your goats, each one with his/her own story and personality. This all combines to help you heal.
Ian H said…
I would come and help out, but your veggie garden would suffer! Care to elaborate on your "Pot Garden"? :-}
Leigh said…
Hopefully your good days are outweighing your bad! Everybody looks so happy. I have to say that I love your herb drying rack! So simple; that's what I need.
Dee said…
What a beautiful place you have to recuperate in! I am sure all the animals are glad to see you. Just don't do too much too soon,
Lana88 said…
What a beautiful day!! So glad you were able to enjoy some sunshine. :)
You have an amazing garden on your deck!! Glad that you were able to get out and soak up some sun!! You need that vit. D for healing as much os pooches need it and enjoy it!! Know the goats are happy to see you out and about!! Take it easy and rest and heal!!
Thanks for your advise on my tomatoes --
I'm having fried green tomatoes tonight and the large tomatoes are still orange in color, but sitting on my sink!!
It's a good thing I don't have a mini horse or I would probably have it in the house.

Love all the pictures, continue to get better.

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