One week

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Now that it's only a week until we leave for Atlanta, my nerves are kicking in a little. Sammy is doing everything he can to make me relax... he's good at it. I'm not panicking but I think it's just that reality is setting in more of what's about to happen. Hopefully I'll feel better in the end, but I'm not really feeling strong enough to go through this again. I feel like I finally just got done recovering from my last big surgery two years ago. It took a toll, and I'm really not looking forward to doing this again. The good thing is I already feel terrible, so it's not like I'm feeling great and worrying about feeling terrible recovering. It's very strange to me that I've also never met any of these Doctors in my life and they barely know me. I've never experienced anything like this before, so it's new territory. But hopefully when I meet them all in person, my fears will be eased. All will be well, I know that.

It's been very humid and very wet here for the past week, and everything is soaking wet. Too wet. There are mushrooms and moss growing everywhere and a lot of the plants are getting completely drowned. The forest looks darned right tropical with plants about 10 feet higher than usual. The ferns look as big as palm trees in some places!

I wormed all the goats again (I did it earlier this spring as usual) because with this wet and dampness it's parasite heaven. I'm trying to be safe and not sorry.

So far everyone except for us humans seems to be handling the humidity really well, which I'm grateful for. A lot of my goats are still shedding, because we had such an unpredictable June, they held onto to their winter coats. I got Sammy brushed some today to help, I think with the hair coming off of him I can save enough to make a back up Sammy.

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It takes motivation for me to do anything right now. But little breaks seem to help... when I allow myself to take them.

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My little Puffin I swear is a dwarf. Look at those teeny legs! She's going on 3 months old. Both her sisters are about 10 pounds now, easily more than double her size in weight and height. She still weighs no more than 5 pounds. She's beyond adorable. I just want to take her everywhere with me in a little basket.

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She's healthy - she's a great eater and so far *knock on wood* she's showed no problems. I have no idea how small she'll stay or how big she'll get, but it's just beyond adorable. She's smaller than Norman.

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Spock is growing well, and turning into a very handsome young buck...

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Beatrice: I feel like a nice cold iced tea and a fan would really be good right now... 

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Biscuit: I feel like I'd prefer to join you in bed with the air conditioner and a few movies. popcorn wouldn't hurt either.

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Sammy: So what is this you are saying? What do you mean I cannot come with you to Georgia?? 

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Sammy: I need time to process this information.

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OK, I've processed it, and I disagree. I'm coming with you.

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Biscuit: Hmm, that leaf up there looks awfully tasty...

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Bulrush is not the only one around here who can reach delicious leaves in high places... 

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Tastes just as delicious as it looked... 

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Henrietta is looking quite handsome. She is our resident hermaphrodite and although she acts male (she goes into rut), and looks more male with her long back hairs and big beard, I still consider her a girl because she has all the right parts and was born mostly female... As she got older the testosterone became more dominant. Thankfully she ignores what I think and it doesn't contribute to any identity crises. She is a complete riot, she's a real character. She stayed here to avoid being eaten (since she's neither male or female and cannot breed) and she's given me a lot of comic relief and laughs.

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When it was time to head back to the house this morning, Sammy decided he wasn't having it and grabbed my dress repeatedly.

I'm hoping to pick some raspberries this afternoon, and plant a couple extra pepper plants I picked up, but for now, we are resting.

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Rollie: We are? We are resting? 

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Rollie likes resting... sometimes... but Douglas and Norman are professionals.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 


Terra said…
Your goats are adorable, nice faces and playful poses. I hope your treatment coming up is very successful.
Mary Ann said…
Loved these pictures, and as of noon, my camera is officially out of order... so I can appreciate these even more!
Dreaming said…
Good luck in Atlanta. It's pretty normal to start feeling tense as you get closer to the time. When you set it all up, so long ago, it just wasn't real.
Can goats be dwarfs, if they aren't a dwarf breed? Your little one is too darn cute!
Primitive Stars said…
Hello, what sweet furry faces, so many ahhhh moments, thanks.....Hope all goes well for you, I would be nerves too....Blessings Francine.
Heather said…
What a wonderful farm you have! Love your goats, I think goats have the sweetest faces. Nice to "meet" you!~
Jocelyn said…
I loved the pictures, thank you for sharing.

Good luck in Atlanta! You'll do great!
Leigh said…
Puffin does look like a dwarf, but oh so cute! I think mine are way more than 10 pounds at two months, but that's the Kiko in them. :)

I know you'll get nervous about your trip, but what a relief it will be once it's all over.

All your photos are fantastic, and I love that you saved the best till last. :)
forest said…
I live in central Texas and it is dry, dry, dry....I love the pictures of all your green...Have been enjoying your blog for about 6months...Hope your surgery is all you want it to be....Do you have someone to take care of all your wonderful furry and feathered friends?
Have a safe trip to Georgia. I will be keeping you in my positive thoughts that your surgery is successful in healing you. Your fur-babies will all be there to welcome you back and aid in your quick recovery by giving you so much love and wonderful entertainment I am sure.

Be well dear.
Hang in there, it's going to be a long road, but I think you will be much better off when you get to the end of it. Just keep moving forward and momentum will get you through, it works for me anyways:) Good luck in Georgia.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i know how you feel. i hate anticipating surgery. but it will be so good to have it all behind you! and think of how happy you will be to come back to all those cute faces! it's still hot and sticky here todau. just awful!
Hi, I found your blog looking for homestead inspiration and your farm is stunning. What lovely animals.

After reading your last couple of posts I looked up your health journey and although I'm just a stranger to you on the otherside of the globe I want to wish you luck and send my positive thoughts to you. You are a strong woman having to deal with such chronicronic pain and you remind me how blessed I am to be well. All the best for your surgery.

Dee said…
Love and prayers go with you to Atlanta. Hurry up and get well so you can come home to all your wonderful animals and your beautiful forest haven!
I do hope and pray that the Drs. here in Atlanta will be successful. The weather has been weird everywhere - this past week we have gotten 4" of rain. This will be known as the WET 4th of July. Most communities canceled their fireworks on the 4th and had them last night. Bring an umbrella!
Glad that your animals will be in good hands!! God Bless!
Dewena Callis said…
Oh, I wish you could take the whole gang to Georgia with you. Atlanta would fall head over heels in love with them. But right now it's their Mama we must concentrate on. You're in my thoughts and prayers daily and will be until you're back to beautiful health.

Our daughter told us this week that she will have a surgical biopsy in August for her endometriosis. At least now she understands why she has felt so bad.
The goats are just beautiful and the dogs, well, they always crack me up. :) Happy thoughts and well wishes are for you - I hope all goes well with your treatment. I can only imagine the nerves as it gets closer. Hugs to you!
Everybody is cute as usual. I'll be thinking about you. Praying this will make your life so much better.
I would be a nervous wreck too. With all the miles you are traveling, your farm, the hospital, I would be a mess.
Here's a distraction for you, maybe. If you are traveling by car/RV, stock up on ridiculously delicious Georgia peaches and peanuts. If you can, hit a farmer's market and look for crazy foods that you've never had like southern corn whiskey pepper jelly. And you must try a praline if you've never had one. Pralines are usually made with pecans, but they make them with peanuts too. And a Goo-Goo Cluster. You can get those in a grocery store or gas station even. And you can act southern and put peanuts in your RC Cola or Coke.
This is the season for luscious fruits and vegetables. Off the interstate, you'll find roadside stands selling sweet corn picked that morning. Think about the food and all that medical stuff will just waft away in the breeze.
Safe travels and pug hugs.
Linda Parker said…
Love and positive thoughts and prayers go with you to Georgia. The critters are adorable!
I really can't take the cuteness of Puffin. She just melts my heart! I would want to take her everywhere with me as well :)

It has been really humid here so I feel your pain. The heat is bad, but the humidity is unbearable! It feels like a wet towel covering your whole body when you walk outside. And my camera lens fogs up immediately! Ugh. At least we've had a break the past couple days so I hope that continues.

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