Pieces of happiness

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I apologize that it's been so long since my last post, it's so not like me. I've been working on a post for a few days now, and just haven't had any inspiration... motivation. I'm OK, mostly. I'd be lying if I said I haven't been struggling. The physical struggle is a given right now but emotionally it's hard sometimes to keep focused on the goal. I am very grateful I have surgery coming quickly with some great specialists and that things are falling into place to make that happen, but it's still tough sometimes just getting through the day with the pain, the ever expanding physical limitations and emotions. It's a bit of a roller coaster some days. I've been trying very hard to just go with the flow and let go of what I cannot change or control right now. Two things that do not in any way come naturally to me.

When I woke up this morning I did feel better, I had less pain, and my spirits were just a little higher. When I went up to the barn to do chores it was very humid out and hazy. I split the herd up today on two pastures, and it went way smoother than I expected. When I was halfway through chores it started raining, and I finished my chores outside of the barn in a nice light rain that was cool and beautiful. I felt a little bit like a plant that badly needed watering. It really helped. It reminded me just how good the simplest things feel.

It's hard not to let the pain wear you down mentally, but it's so important to just remember all the wonderful little things that happen in each day. They are way more important than the bad ones. 

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The goats really liked the new grass they had this morning...

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I don't think Sammy ever looked up all day...

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Brie and Henrietta my goofy girls, really enjoyed their day. It was a mixture of overcast, raining, and sunshine, all day. 

In other general news around the farm...

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Spock is growing like a weed. He's so handsome. I can see the Alpine in him coming out in his body shape now. I'm very curious what size he'll be when he finishes growing.

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Dew is sitting on eggs. I have no idea how many. She is keeping all of us away. Usually Max eats any egg she lays, but about 10 days ago she starting sitting and has been ever since. I've never had duck sit on eggs before - that hatched. I'm really curious to see what happens.

Lou (the other half of Dew) is keeping everyone away from her and pulling feathers out of my turkeys as usual.

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The chickens have been loving all the bugs the humidy and drizzly weather has brought out. Not only am I getting 10 eggs a day from them, I'm getting 10 now extra large eggs!

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The wild grape vines are loaded with teeny grapes. It looks like it's going to be a good summer for grapes.

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And we've got baby jalapenos!

After morning chores I did some lying down. If you click on my Instagram (on the sidebar) you'll see lots of pictures of us lying down, like this:

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and this... 

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The dogs take all this lying down very, very, seriously.

Later in the afternoon when the sun came out again after another shower of rain, I decided to go out on the deck in the sun for a little bit with the dogs.

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Hard to not be happy with this face smiling at you!

As dinner was approaching I wasn't feeling too badly and I wanted to spend a little time with Kevin, so I asked him if he'd like to go on a picnic with me. Much to my surprise, he didn't need too much convincing. I knew the ride in the ATV would get me, but it would be worth it to do something special together, especially after the things we've had going on.

So I put our cheesesteak sandwiches together and some chips, salsa, and drinks in a cooler, Kevin packed a couple of chairs, and we headed down to one of our favorite spots on the entire farm.

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On the way we spotted a hen turkey on our trail and after a couple of seconds of running along in front of us, she decided flying would be a faster way to get away from us...

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The creek is vibrant and alive right now...

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It was gorgeous...

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Couldn't have asked for a nicer evening. The bugs were out but were manageable, the view was perfect. The bull frogs provided the ambiance. Dinner was easy and tasty...

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And then just as we were really starting to relax, this started moving in...

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and it started to sprinkle rain, which we sat through...

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Then the thunder started...

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The clouds were crazy, but so beautiful...

 photo 11499blog_zps2ea62aad.jpg

and the rain became heavier... and still, we got wet and waited...

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Then the torrential rain started and it didn't take long to get completely soaked. We ran for the mule to get under it's roof so we could wait out the heaviest of the rain.

We got really wet and kind of cold, and as we waited the rain just kept coming down. Eventually after about 25 minutes, Kevin decided to make a run back to our picnic site and grab our stuff so we could head home. He's a brave man. Then we drove home through the bush and our trails getting soaked when the heavy wet branches hit us inside the mule (ATV) and with splashing mud as we rushed through...

It was perfect.

I loved every minute of it. I haven't felt that much like myself in months.

We came home cold, soaking wet and full of mud. Couldn't have spent a better evening together if we'd tried.

I tucked all the animals away for the night and when I got back to the house after chores, the sun was coming back out.

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There was even a rainbow over the pond...

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It was beautiful again.

The rain was rejuvenating to the forest, and this day, with it's many happy moments was rejuvenating to me.

And now after this full day, I'm in bed (sore but content) with the dogs watching a crime show about an anesthesiologist who they think killed his wife. Just the kind of stuff to really put me in the right frame of mind for my upcoming surgery ;) 


Chai Chai said…
Farming is a lot of work but it is also a place full of joy! Look at those wonderful animals, they would make anyone happy!
Dreaming said…
I really enjoyed all of your pieces of happiness. Good luck with your surgery.
Misty Meadows said…
Happy to hear that you were feeling better to have a special evening with Kevin! Hope there are more of those for the two of you. Love the pics of the sleeping dogs!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a perfect picnic! your place is just gorgeous! i can't wait for the surgery and for you to feel better.
Primitive Stars said…
Morning, that's great y ou got to enjoy an evening with Kevin, about time, you are so busy...but love all our animals, sweet duck on her nest.......So happy your getting the surgery too, hope all goes well.....Happy Summer, Francine.
I'm glad that you feel better and good enough to go get soaking wet :)

You can't help but smile when Douglas is looking at you like that.

Great pictures.
Terra said…
Hi this is my first visit here, and your farm is lovely. I read the previous post too and pray your surgery will be a success. I am following you plus I will follow you on bloglovin.com since I understand google friend connect will disappear on July 1. Did you sign up for that?
Willow said…
What goegeous views. I love all your puppy faces. Best wishes with your surgery .
Dewena Callis said…
I knew you would be the kind of person who loves a good storm and lets yourself go with the experience! Your creek picnic turned out a little differently than you planned but you didn't fight it or grouch over it. I'm glad it was rejuvenating to you.

I hope Lou and Dew get to raise some babies. No, Max, no!

Hey, stop watching surgery on t.v., for the duration, anyway. You are going to be so very fine!
Leigh said…
Everybody looks so happy with your lovely summer! Praying for a successful surgery for you. You deserve to be painfree and happy too.
Lana88 said…
The prospect of duck babies is exciting! So glad you have a lovely time just getting wet and muddy in the woods. It does sound wonderful! Prayers and thoughts for you always. Hang in there, girl!

P.S. - Your pink toes are so cute lol!
I love your photos - the creek is just beautiful and the sleeping photos are too much!

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