Today I took some of this...

 photo cream_zps6283ccc1.jpg

and made some of this...

 photo butter_zpsa6db5bd8.jpg

Oh yes. If you didn't know you can easily whip up some butter by putting heavy cream into your mixer and mixing it for about 5-10 minutes... it's something you should know. It's ahhh-maz-ing.

In between we did a lot of this....

 photo small_zps8ea7e69b.jpg

I also made a loaf of bread, flour tortillas and boiled a bunch of eggs. After I worked so hard to clean the kitchen... When I was finished it was back in the same state I had worked so hard to get it out of.

And we also played with the news boys...

 photo 007blog_zps9c5c4470.jpg


 photo 005blog_zps07a60f25.jpg

and Charlie!

If you haven't read it, here is my post about our rescued rabbits and why my nickname is luckybunny. 

I haven't been accepting surrendered rabbits in quite some time. Because when I do adopt a rabbit they stay with us until they pass away, most rabbits are with me from anywhere from 6-12 years, even when I take in seniors, and I was letting my numbers naturally decrease to a much more manageable level. I'm still doing that, or I am supposed to be doing that, but a month ago when I heard about these boys, my iron will was broken and I said yes. I get a lot of emails about rabbits needing homes - less than I used to since I stopped accepting most rabbits, but still, a lot. Each time I know I cannot help it's hard. I want to help, but I've learned my limitations and I need to be able to take care of all my animals at the best level possible. And within my limitations which are more than usual right now.

But I had room. And as I said, my iron will. It's not that way all the time.

I was contacted about these boys in April. But since the beginning of May, I've received about 10 more messages from people wanting to rehome their rabbits. May is always the worst month, just enough time for the kits from Easter to be grown. And a lot of people have seniors they don't want to keep any longer, or for one reason or another, can't keep any longer, and spring seems to be when these things all happen. 

If I could, I would take them all. But I've learned my lesson, even when I was healthier. Right now, I don't need to be taking on bigger projects.

Theo and Charlie arrived from Toronto Saturday morning. Two bonded and neutered boys. I love bonded pairs, or trios. Something is just comforting knowing they can live with their friends and be happy. These boys are very sweet and have adjusted really well. Even when they arrived it was just like they knew this was going to be their new home and they might as well relax. They love the little dogs and other animals, and are in the sunroom right now, right outside my bedroom door which is open to them. The Prairie dogs are there in the summer over night too. We lie in bed and listen to the frogs and Whip-poor-will, and also thumping bunnies and Nelly running on her wheel at 5 AM. She's got a tough fitness routine.

I know what it is. But it still gets Kevin sometimes thinking something is happening he should be concerned about.

Nope. Just Nelly keeping fit and working off all those treats she eats during the day... 


Tayet said…
You're such a good person :) The new bunnies are so cute!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
those boys are so lucky to have found their way to you!
Theo and Charlie are so cute! I'm glad you were able to take them in. I bet it is so hard to see all those emails about the bunnies needing homes.
Misty Meadows said…
The bunnies are cute! My girl has been bugging me to get rabbits again. I am digging in my heals! However, I did cave, and she is getting two milking goats in a couple of weeks!
I wish I had Nelly's energy to get up and work out at 5 am.

Love the new boys. They will live a good life with you and Kevin.

That's a really sweet pic of your boys keeping you company.
Lana88 said…
Cute bunnies! Also, thanks for sharing why you named yourself Luckybunny... I didn't know! Very cool for all those rescued bunnies. :)
jody said…
gosh Donna its been way to long, im soo sorry to hear of your health are such a tough cookie! and hopefully you will get some good news and relief this summer! also so sorry to hear of losing a fur babe.. i am going thru that today... sally girl is so ready and i desided today is the day. i know that my husband mark is waiting for her... shes over 16 now and its just time..
i love love reading of all your recipes, furbabes and all that you are up too. i am going to make your wheat bread and mix cream into butter! but for now better plug away with this day.. thoughts and prayers my blog friend!

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