Sorry for the mess

When I tried to update the blog last night I noticed Photobucket was a mess and not working. I waited for hours and it never fixed itself. This morning it's still down - and because it's down, so are a ton of pictures on my blog. I've been using photobucket for years for the blog because using blogger to upload pictures is a nightmare and you quickly run out of space with them. 

I've never had problems with photobucket in the years I've been using it but now that's it down, I'm not pleased there is no way to contact them or even find out what's happening. I'm sorry for the mess here - and I'm hoping this issue is quickly resolved.

Otherwise I'm sending both of my Great Pyrenees dogs over to photobucket to handle this.

Edited to add: Some of you seem to be viewing the blog just fine. And I'm also able to view all the pictures on the blog and photobucket itself on my cell phone - so I think the problem might only be our internet. Hopefully it's fixed soon so I can get back to blogging!


I hope the big white doggies with their big white smiles can straighten out the problem for you.

Happy weekend.
Mary Ann said…
You GO, Max and Flavius!

I bit the bullet and I pay for extra storage on Google. It costs me about 5.00 a month, but worth it!

I have no clue what was going on with our blog this week, for five days it took hours and hours to load... and then yesterday... bingo! Loading again!

Have a good weekend and NO SNOW!

IanH said…
Why not use blogger's Picasa? It doesn't use anyspace, but just pulls photos (once) from your hard drive. With all the photos I've posted i have only used 0.7% of the space available (10 megs).
I'm sorry, that has to be so frustrating! A while back I ran out of space with blogger so I just ended up buying a monthly storage plan for $2.99. I didn't want to do it, but just paying the money was worth it to not deal with the headaches. I don't like tech frustrations!
Chai Chai said…
No one posts more pictures than you do!

Once my old blog filled up I had to move over to WordPress.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i hope you are up and running soon! i have been having trouble with blogger recently and it sure is frustrating.

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