It was a good day...

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Especially for Hector. 

We finally had sunshine and warm temperatures, bird song, peeping frogs, and finally it felt like, looked like, and sounded like spring.

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I put the Prairie dogs out on the sun deck for a while so they could enjoy some sunshine and fresh air finally, after a long winter.

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Nelly was looking to see if there was anything interesting growing in the garden yet...

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I worked in the kitchen a lot. Because I wasn't feeling well Sunday, Monday, and yesterday, I had a backup of milk waiting to be processed and other things that needed tending, dishes, fruit to be cut up and stored, etc. I froze a bunch of goats milk to put in my savings bank for summer - when hopefully I will have a little money saved and set aside to buy a few soap making supplies, and I used another gallon to start another batch of feta cheese (I'll post about that later, it takes a while to brine it!)...

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And I baked some fresh bread because we badly needed some...

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Braveheart was in heaven with the warm sun hitting his face.

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Horace: So what, I need a spring haircut... so do you!

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How cute is this kid? His little face makes my heart completely melt. He's the quietest bottle baby I've ever had too, he just follows me around waiting for me to give him his bottle. He has such a beautiful little face.

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I brought the goats up the rinds from my watermelon. I can't wait until it's in season so they can have their fill.  Neither can they.

Me: Would you like some watermelon Biscuit? 
Biscuit: Why yes, it's the least you can do seeing that I am providing you with lots of fresh milk!

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Me: Sammy, do you want some? 
Sammy: Hmmm, I don't know... what country is this even from? 

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Sammy: Oh OK, give it to me, I'll eat it. 

 photo 044blog-4_zpse63e183b.jpg

Bulrush: Ohhh! My most favorite thing!

 photo 046blog-6_zps5811b942.jpg

It's so delicious, so juicy, and sweet... 

 photo 047blog-3_zps2f0dbff8.jpg

Basswood: Thank you, I will gently take this piece and then noisily devour it before Bulrush comes over here. 

 photo 048blog-4_zps6c216a92.jpg

Bulrush: MINE! My lips are bigger!

 photo 049blog-6_zps88e6d707.jpg

Buckwheat: I love springtime! Almost as much as treat time!

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Me: Jackson, you look like a wild man with that hair do.
Want some watermelon? 

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Jackson: Hmm this doesn't smell like something I'd usually eat.

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The sun dogs did their usual thing and slept in whatever sun beam was nearest to them.

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Later in the afternoon I decided to go sit on the sun deck and enjoy some of the sunshine myself. This was one of my views, goaties trying to find any morsel of grass that might be trying to pop up.

 photo 020blog-8_zps302e69e4.jpg

Douglas: Are you going to share that margarita or what? 

 photo 021blog-13_zpsc49264af.jpg

Douglas: You can't be a part of this Rollie, you are clearly under age. 

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Norman was in heaven. The sun was nice and hot, just how he likes it.

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I want to thank everyone so much for your supportive comments on my last post. The past few days have been really trying for me. I was in more pain than usual and sometimes that just leaves you feeling worn down - as many of you know... it takes it's toll. It's always taking a toll but keeping that at bay and remembering there is always hope and always tomorrow is the way through it and forward. Lets face it, chronic pain sucks.

But I'll get through and there is always hope. I'm grateful for all the love and support I have, and there is no better motivation to keep at it than these critters. And if bread needs to be baked, I'm going to bake it. There are so many more important things in life, so many things in the big picture, that the important thing is to remember this is just a small part of the big picture, not a big one. When I remember that, it makes it all seem manageable again.

And lets face it, I've got to just carry on and move forward, otherwise my fridge gets backed up with gallons and gallons of goats milk needing tended to and there is no room for anything else. 


Ian H said…
I hope prairie dogs are better at forecasting than those blankity-blank ground hogs!

The goats are cute, and I am happy to see Norman again.

Look after yourself! good folks are hard to find!
Chai Chai said…
Love the menu! I had no idea goats liked watermelon. I have some in the fridge and will give it a try.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i am so glad to hear that you are feeling better! is your bread recipe on your blog? that bread looks terrific! it is going to be 80 degrees here today...blah! way too hot for me! all of your animals look so happy to have sun!
I don't have chronic pain, but when I have pain it sucks. On Monday I had tennis elbow from helping to clean 5 stalls to the ground and working in flower beds over the weekend.

That was bad enough. I went to the drug store at lunch and got those patches and ultra Tiger Balm. By Tuesday, it was back to a-okay.

I'm sorry you have to live with pain. I can't stand it.

lol....Jackson is not kin to one of my horses.....cause they surely know what a watermelon is. Actually, one time when the pasture fence was right next to the watermelon patch, I told the hubby you better put up an electric wire or fix that fence. usual he didn't pay any attention. About 3 or 4 days later, every watermelon in the patch had been eaten on by the horses who broke into the garden.
Lana88 said…
So glad to hear things have warmed up a bit for you all... I hope it continues to do so. There is nothing like the thrill that spring brings with new life! Also... you are making me hungry again. REALLY hungry!
Denise in PA said…
Hugs for you, Donna! Hoping you are feeling a bit better. Thank you for the wonderful photos - looking at those faces always makes me smils! My favorite this time is Norman's "sun" photo - too cute! And, the margarita photos - so funny! Your captions are always spot-on! o:)
Denise in PA said…
Hugs for you, Donna. Hoping you are feeling a bit better. Thank you so much for the photos - seeing those precious faces always makes me smile. My favorite this time is Norman's "sun" photo - too cute! And, the margarita photos - so funny! Your captions are always perfect! o:)
Linda Parker said…
Can't believe how big Rollie is getting!! My chickens also love melon rinds. For pain I make a massage oil with olive oil with lavendar and frankincense essential oils added. Works wonders . . .
I'm so glad to hear you had a good day after the rough couple days you had. Your bread looks so delicious. I still can't get the hang of homemade bread. I guess I'll keep trying :)
Primitive Stars said…
Hello, glad to hear you are feeling better, missed your last post, sorry to hear you were in pain......Love all your pictures of your sweet animals, they make me happy....watermelon?? Did not know they enjoy it as much as we do.......Take Care, Francine.
jody said…
oh my goodness look at that sun!! we havent seen it in days and days.. sun especially sitting in the sun like our fur babes makes everything better! looks like everyone is enjoying it! the water mellon and margaritas look wonderful too! hope your feeling even better today!

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