Animal therapy

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My day didn't start off well and after a very discouraging Doctors appointment, I wanted to come home and go hide under the covers and cry some more.

But clearly that's not very productive. 

It was also a pretty nice afternoon, although the wind picked up there was some sunshine and blue skies. So after I finished up my chores and got some dishes washed, me and the dogs went for a walk to just visit with everyone. I knew it would help me too.

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Rollie and Douglas were so glad to be out running aorund...

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Run as fast as you can!

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Kevin built a new ramp for the girls yesterday. I opened their side door and asked if they wanted to come outside and enjoy the day...

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Hmmm, should we go out there?

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Douglas: Ma, why can't I come in there?

 photo 021blog-13_zps4f972612.jpgHen: Ahh! there's a wild animal out there!!

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Then we headed up towards the barn...

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Why hello Bulrush...

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Spock and Annabelle were napping together, it was adorable.

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Whoa, Hi Sammy.

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Sammy: Don't worry mom, I'll make everything better. 

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Max: What's going on here? Are there cookies?

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Izzie really wanted to see Rollie, as usual. She's always very curious about the little dogs.

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Bulrush: Can we eat it? 

Buckwheat: Hmm, that is one very tiny little dog.

Izzie: Come here little dog, I want you to be my new snuggle toy!

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Jackson is just barely starting to shed, I'm surprised because the goats are in full blow out mode.

 photo 053blog-6_zps98c36e8b.jpg

Two very happy boys.

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Douglas and Rollie: Come on mom, we wanna go home and take a nap now!

The critters never fail to make me feel better.

Yesterday we went out and collected all our sap buckets. The sap actually ran again this week with the crazy temperatures but the sap is no good now that the trees are starting to bud...

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I didn't like the looks of this guy that was in one of our cans. But I set him free anyway of course. Just far away from me.

 We had quite a bit of damage from the ice the other day, a lot of trees and limbs down.

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One of our buckets got crushed too...

 photo 002blog-6_zps15a3191c.jpg

 photo 004blog-6_zpse53fe70c.jpg

And one of our ponds, the one we call our "turtle pond" because it's where released all our baby turtles (you can see that post here) is overflowing. The culvert has ice in it, so the water isn't flowing properly. Hopefully it doesn't cause too much trouble.

I know I need to take it easy this evening so I'll try my best. After chores and dinner.

My spirits were pretty low this morning. But the critters as usual, lifted them back up. Their happy faces, goofy ways, and unconditional love can make a mountain seen like mole hill. 


Dee said…
So sorry you got discouraging news at the doctors. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Misty Meadows said…
I didn't like the look of that spider either! What kind is it? I can't get over the lack of snow in your neck of the woods!! Our four-legged friends have a way of lifting our spirits. I hope everything will turn out ok.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
chin up my friend! you have so many that love you!!! and spring will turn into summer too!
A good snuggle can make anything bearable. Hope you feel better, physically and mentally, soon.
jody said…
i hope your feeling better tonight..your animals make me feel better too! we are lucky we have our fur babes. thanx for letting me enjoy yours too! tomorrows another day, hopefully a good nights sleep will help too. thinking of ya!ontifon 2470
Ian H said…
It's nice to see a place that doesn't have snow! I notice someone is missing from the herd. Norman. Hope he's well.
Sorry to hear that you didn't get good news at the Doctors. Hope that things will heal and that it's just taking longer than desired!! All our creatures do lift our spirits!! Get well!!
Dewena Callis said…
I also am so sorry that your doctor's report was not the best you'd hoped for. I know that one reason you didn't just stay under the covers but instead got out with your critters was that you do embody that Corrie ten Boom quote in your favorites.

Prayers for you and a better day soon.
Lana88 said…
So sorry your day started out rough. Thinking of you. So happy we have animals to make us all feel better inside. :)
Donaldo said…
Hi Donna, I love reading your blog. I would love to come out and help with cutting wood, tending to the animals, and other chores with you and Kevin. I think I could hang-in there for 5 or 6 minutes. ;-)
My thoughts and prayers are with you as you walk through this challenging time.
Say hi to Kevin for me.
California Don.
Mary Ann said…
Praying for you like crazy, Donna... where was Norman on your walk? Too cold outside still for him?

The animals all look so happy and healthy, due to your good care!
Linda Parker said…
I've been following your blog for some time now. Keep up the good work! You are a bright spot in my hectic, crazy day!
Nana-Bob said…
Hi Donna,
I'm sorry about the news. I will be praying for you. :) Glad the animals cheered you up some. They would me too. I am with Don, but between the two of us you have 10 minutes...15 max. ;) xoxoxo
I'm so sorry about the disappointing news :( I'll keep you in my thoughts. I did enjoy seeing your photos and my animals can definitely cheer me up when I'm feeling down. So nice to actually see the ground in your photos and not a bunch of snow!

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