Ya, that's my baby

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One of the photos I snapped today was of Braveheart (Lambie) and his new baby, whom I've been calling Ruby. She looks just like her dad and she spends a lot of time following him around when she's not chasing after mom for milk.

It's really sweet. 


Primitive Stars said…
Oh my, I want one...so sweet, glad both are well.....Blessings Francine.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
awwwww....i hope this is making you feel better!
Tayet said…
Aww, such a cute little girl! She does look like her daddy :)
How sweet. I'm glad he doesn't have to be separated from the little one.
Awwww how cute! Just precious :) Like a little mini-me.
Mary Ann said…
I never see a ram with a lamb, so this is nice... it's always the mamas. Her nose is cute!
Leigh said…

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