Today we rest... kinda...

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Today has been a quieter day. Not a day off (that's not really possible) but a quieter day for sure. Yesterday afternoon we decided to call it quits on the maple syrup production for the year. We are just beat. We managed to get four good gallons of syrup and while we'd love to get more, we are in need of a short break before we need to tend to other now pressing projects like fixing up the chicken coop (by Wednesday) and also getting our new raised beds built in the garden. Kevin took the plow off the tractor yesterday and this morning the chains came off the tires. It's officially spring.

Today aside from normal barn chores, some laundry, and cooking, I've been taking breaks in between to rest. And after evening chores are done for the night, about 8 PM, me and the dogs are retiring to the couch to watch T.V. and relax.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind, supportive, and really heartwarming comments over the past couple of days. I appreciate every one of them, and each of you for reading the blog and for caring so much. It means the world to me.

Yesterday, both of Bucket's bucklings, Spartacus and Spock, took the bottle. I didn't need to tube feed. It was a huge relief. Seeing that they are both weak, I will remain cautiously optimistic but this is a big hurdle we've crossed. Today they made total pigs of themselves.

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It seems like finally they have realized drinking from the bottle is a heck of a lot nicer than getting tube fed. And aside from that, the milk tastes pretty good.

Morty is also showed a real interest in food. He's never quit eating altogether throughout this illness but he's eaten a lot less and he did scour once, thankfully it quickly stopped.  He continues to get his antibiotics, I can't say he's a fan of his morning needles. He's also getting a vitamin paste and I've been giving him molasses and corn syrup to keep his energy up and I know that's his favorite part of the day. It's like I'm allowing him to have candy every day. As I expected from his rough birth and no real colostrum, his immune system is struggling. I can only continue to offer him everything I can and hope and pray for the best. But today he's eaten really well. 

In other news, Bubs is growing like a weed, he's doing really well and *knocks on wood* hopefully he'll continue on that path. 

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Beatrice's little doeling, Annabelle is also doing really well. She's a real ball of fire and she's made good friends with Bubs and also Max- she loves Max and he loves her... Max loves babies more than anything, so this is his favorite time of year. He deals with less of the stress and more of the fun, playing with them and sleeping with them so he really enjoys himself. I never have to worry about anything happening to any of the babies when I leave them out in the barnyard with Max, he'd never allow anything to happen to them. Yesterday while I was working in the kitchen I looked out the window and saw the two kids lying right on top of Max, sleeping. It was beyond adorable.

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Bub and Annabelle

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The goats are really starting to shed - finally. It took a lot longer than past years. A lot of them look a bit of a mess right now.

It's also time for everyone to get their hooves trimmed. Our farm babysitter Jim said he'd come by in the next week or so to help me. I'm hoping to get everyone done in the same day or at least most of them. I'm not able to pick them all up and lie them down to trim all their feet, so he'll hold them for me. I can manage Sammy (my biggest goat) on my own because he's used to it. And also Beatrice. But that's about it. The Pygmy goats might be small but they sure as heck know how to put up a fuss!

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Rose and Dahlia: Who us? Putting up a fuss? You lie! We are always perfect ladies. 

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Scarface: I've seen both of you do very un lady like things on several occasions. 

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Melvin was looking rather handsome today. I've been trying to find the right herd for him to go off and live with - I've had some interest in him but I want just the right herd for him to call his own when he has to leave here.

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Brina, a bottle baby from last year always goes nuts when I walk by her with bottles full of milk...

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Once a bottle baby, always a bottle baby... no matter how big.

Now it's time to eat and get ready to head back up to the barn for evening feeding and milking. I am so looking forward to a little relaxation tonight. Even if it's just a little.

Have a good evening friends!


Misty Meadows said…
Good to hear that all the babies are doing so much better! I think this is the best part of having babies---when they all are healthy and don't really needs us anymore. Have a good weekend!
IanH said…
You certainly deserve a rest! Whoever said farming was easy, has never done it. All the wee ones look great!
Kelly said…
The times of rest will soon be over for us too. It does seem like it is never ending. I keep reminding myself of the quiet winter nights when we are straight out in summer. Hope all the babies will do well.
Work has kept me bogged down with little time to visit around fellow bloggers - so just now catching up with you. You are amazing and I don't know how you do it!! thank goodness you're at the right place at the right time for Lila's birthing. With all the new sheep and goats - what do you do with them? You can't keep having kids and feeding the masses? Know you must be glad that winter is behind you and spring has sprung! You need to rest and have a blessed Easter.
Dreaming said…
I've missed reading all of your posts, so it was great to have a 'state of the farm' post to read this morning! I loved seeing all of the babies, and of course, Brina! Between the babies and the maple syrup, I am thinking you must be exhausted!
Have a restful weekend!! (As if a weekend on a farm is any different than a weekday - hah!)
jaz@octoberfarm said… almost day off for you! try to relax a little. hope you have a wonderful easter!
Nana-Bob said…
Blessings to you Donna, and Kevin and your little barnyard of animals! Happy Easter. xoxo
It sounds like things are a little better now, and I'm so happy to hear that! I'm glad you stopped with the maple syrup so you could relax a bit. It must be nice to have all that syrup, but you can't run yourself ragged.

I love all the photos. The babies are just too cute :)
Hope you got some rest. Ya'll are like us but times 3 or 4. Have a lot of critters depending on you every day.

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