Rollie meets the moo


Rollie: Whoa... what a big nose you have!
Izzie: All the better to sniff little dogs with!


Rollie: I think you are getting too close.
Izzie: No, come over here, I want to give you a kiss


Rollie: No thanks, I'd rather not.
Izzie: Mom, I think I'd like to have him so I could cuddle with him at night. 


Rollie: Mom, please that's enough! Please! 

Izzie loves little dogs. Of course I never let them run inside the yard with her, but she loves sniffing them, and licking them. One time when I had her tied out on grass at the house, Norman ran over to her. I was running in a panic (while trying to not scare Izzie) thinking she'd kill him. She never moved, she was watching carefully to make sure he wasn't under her and then she reached down and licked him. I still don't take chances though but she loves being able to say hi to the little dogs and lick them through the gate. Norman is probably the bravest with her and he will let her lick him. Douglas kind of teases her and Rollie is still a little freaked out that his sister is 650 (or so) pound cow. 

Izzie seems to be the sweetest to the very smallest of animals. She sleeps with the ducks every night, they tuck up against her belly where it's warm. She loves rabbits and most of all she loves baby animals. You show her a baby goat and she's all over it. 

Yet when hormonal she tries to stampede me and the goats (she can't even be with the sheep because Lambie is blind and can't get away from her.) But she's never like that with the smallest of animals. I think her mothering instincts come out then and she just wants to kiss them and take care of them. 

Rollie wasn't for it though. He's still getting over the emotional effects of finding out you have a cow for a sister.


jaz@octoberfarm said…
hahahah...that first pic is too funny. one small dog and one very large cow!
Edgar said…
What a super post!!! I loved the little video, my chi's would have had a fit if they came that close to a Moo.
Primitive Stars said…
How sweet they both look, love a cow's nose so much......the video is so cute, thanks or making me smile, Francine.
Awww, this is too cute! His face looks sooooo small compared to hers!
Rugs and Pugs said…
So happy you found my blog via Jody! You have a wonderful blog! What fun to read about the farm.
I currently am pug-less. I do have joint custody of a pug Loocie but she lives with the DSO. While my friend is in rehab, I have her Jack Russell, but to be honest, I am a pug-girl.
Pug hugs :)
To him, she is like Jolly Green Giant size!

jody said…
oh too cute! Rollie has a few siblings to get to know up close and personal! enjoy Donna!

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