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Notice anything strange about this picture? It's not a groundhog, it's a Prairie dog. After seeing this on Facebook this morning, my crew have started a campaign to rename "Groundhog day" to "Prairie dog day." Prairie dogs are way better. And way smarter. They bet their predictions will be 77 % more accurate than any groundhog, including Punxsutawney Phil (oh, are those fighting words?)


I mean seriously, who would you rather have predicting whether you'll get an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter?


*This add is brought to you by the Prairie dog day committee. All donations can be sent to Hector Prairie dog, C/O Cedar Bridge Farm, Canada. You can send money, peanuts, sweet potatoes, or apples. But only the red kind, all green apples will be promptly returned.


Primitive Stars said…
What!!!!! of coarse a Prairie Dog, what were they drinking, Francine.
Ellen in Oregon said…
Prarie Dogs win hands down over groundhogs every time. Sorry grounghogs, but you are butt ugly and those plaque caked teeth don't help your bad image a bit! Now, Prarie Dogs on the other hand are clean, cute. smart, cuddley and can wink at the camera. Prarie Dogs are an iconic part of Canadian & Americans histroy - groundhogs not so much. Prarie Dog lovers should rise up and demand that these adorable & crafty creatures immediately replace groundhogs as the Springtime Weather Predictors.
Anne Kimball said…
Hi Donna, I haven't visited in awhile (been so bsy!), and I love the new look of your blog! Great background.
Listen, I'm passing an award on to you. The Inspiring Blogger Award. The nurturing stewardship of your critters and all the wild critters around you has always been very inspiring to me.
You can find the details about the award on my blog tomorrow (Sun).
Have a great w/e!
Anonymous said…
now thats cute!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
hahaha...prairie dogs are way cuter!
I think a Prairie Dog should have the job as well! GO DOGS GO!!
You have my vote! PD's are much cuter.
Anonymous said…
Have you read or watched the movie, "Alone in the Wilderness," (movie), book, is titled, "One Man's Wilderness." If not, I have the movie and will send it to you if you're interested. Cleaning out my dvds and thought of you (blog follower)!

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