Book Review: Here I go again by Jen Lancaster


This is a light-hearted read, not a serious book that involves a lot of thought. At first I really disliked the lead character, and I think that is the authors intention. While I couldn't relate with the characters in this book at all, (I certainly don't think or act the way the lead character does and I home schooled, so the social aspects of high school were not part of my life) I did find the book in the end to be a worthwhile fun read and it had a good message. Once you get past the beginning of the book you start to see where the story is going, and you begin to become a little more invested in the characters and the outcome.

 Most of us have experienced the arrogance of youth where we feel that we can sit in judgement and believe in absolutes. Reality usually strikes, at some point, and we begin to suspect that we might not be perfect. 
The book is essentially about righting wrongs that were a consequence of that youthful arrogance. To the extent that the effort is made, this book, is essentially about redemption. The treatment of the subject is somewhat superficial, but the message is important, and mostly just fun. 

*This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.


Norman must not like that book!

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