My New Year's Eve


I cannot believe another year has come and gone. It always seems like everything happens so fast. Overall it was a wonderful year with lots of exciting things happening. I'm grateful for every moment of it, even the bad ones. We need them all in order to grow.

As they say, "Tempus neminem manet..." Time waits for no one.

So I did the best thing I could think to do, come late afternoon. I went out into the forest, laid down in a snowbank and drank a beer.


I enjoyed the moment. I thanked the forest for it's friendship, I listened to the chickadees song and I tried to lure a Weasel to eat a pumpkin biscuit.

Then I came home and snuggled with the one man who holds my heart in his... Hooves....


Sammy loves a good kiss.


And I mean he really loves a good kiss.


He also loves a good neck rub...


Oh yes, I am a well trained goat masseuse, just ask Sam.


That's the spot, scratch right there...


Is this one happy kid or what? It's honestly not normal how much I love this goat.

It's tradition on New Year's Eve for me to make Chinese food. My mom always used to buy Chinese food on New Year's Eve, so I have carried on the tradition, except that I make all the food myself.


Usually I make a ton of food, but we usually have company. And since I was pretty tired tonight, I made only three dishes, pork eggrolls, scallion pancakes, and Dandan noodles.


I ate way too much of all of it. 

The dogs are all asleep beside me and I don't think I'll be long for the world tonight, I never expected to make it until midnight, (first year ever) but I was hoping to make 10 PM. I doubt that will happen. I'll be lucky to see 9 PM at this rate...

It was raining earlier. Yes, I said raining. I'm hoping that doesn't freeze... I have a load of hay coming in the morning which I really need. Note to 2013 - please don't start with ice.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope to spend it with all of you! 


CrankyPuppy said…
I agree on not starting the new year with ice. This morning, I did what you did - went out in the fresh snow, snapped some pics and listened to the fat, sloppy flakes plop all around me. There's something comforting about that. Happy New Year to everyone at OFH!
Primitive Stars said…
Evening, so happy I found your sweet little blog, your posts warm my heart.......give him a hug and kiss from me to.....Wishing you a Happy New Year, Francine.
Happy New Year! After our time in the midwest with snow and below freezing temperatures, we are happy to be home. Where it isn't anywhere near freezing or snowy.

Congratulations on your new addition Roald, and I hope you are careful on those frozen steps!
Such sweet photos with Sammy! He is lucky to be so loved and well cared for :)

Your food looks yummy! I love your tradition of Chinese food on NYE.

Happy New Year!
Oh, that Sammy has the look of love written all over his face! Kissable, indeed!
Happy New Year!
One happy goat boy.

Gosh those noodles look so good, I could eat way too much of them too.

We never bring in the New Year. Call us old foggies.
jody said…
love this post! great to start the new year reflecting, looking ahead and kissing sammy!! enjoy your day donna!

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