Um, excuse me?

Raccoon :Yes?

Me: "what are you doing on my porch in the dark, with my bird seed bin dumped upside down?" 

Raccoon: "nothing."
Me: Oh ya, it looks like nothing.

Raccoon "look lady, just turn the light off and go back to bed. There is nothing to see here."


The bandit got you!

Thanks for the recipe link.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
hahahaha..even uninvited critters are fed well at your place! the word is out!
Kelly said…
They are destructive but so darn cute. I love them.
Primitive Stars said…
You`ve been had....but what a cute bandit I think.....Funny post....Blessings Francine.
Hah! SO funny. This is a regular sight on our back porch if the outdoor cat doesn't eat all his food. Raccoons love them some cat food.
Racoon is enjoying his Thanksgiving meal too! He hit the jackpot! Looks like a lot of jackpots!! Very healthy coon!
Hilarious!! Looks like you made a new friend :)
Dreaming said…
He looks fat and sassy!

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