Today was a good day, but I'm tired now...

It was another beautiful November day. It's been so nice I find myself wanting to look over my shoulder for trouble constantly... is this really happening? I have this growing feeling we are going to pay big time for it. But for now I'll continue to enjoy every bit of it. Me and the animals alike. 

Izzie is really enjoying the morning sunshine. She was up this morning, but most mornings I find her lying on the hill by the barn with her ducks, Lou and Dew, who are usually asleep next to her, basking in the sun. Try and get a picture of that. It happens every day I forget to bring my camera with me for morning chores. 

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Barnaby's former owner. I had asked him to let me know if he ever had any of his Pygmy does up for sale because he had some nice ones. I didn't expect a call from him for a while because he liked the adults he had and the doelings were from Barnaby and the future ones would be too in the spring, so I'd have to wait until he had kids off a new buck. 

Well the wait was a short one. Unfortunately he's had a health issue come up and because of it, he is selling his goats. I live in fear of such a scenario but I know it happens and I hope he recovers well. They are nice people. 

He told me what he was selling and his prices. The kids were of no interest to me, because like I said, they are Barnaby's. But his adult does were. I remembered one of the does was sweeter than all the rest, but of course I couldn't remember which one. So I left it alone. I figured he'd quickly sell them, because his prices were alright, just more than I had to spend on another goat right now. I had decided earlier this fall I was going to wait until spring or summer to look for does.

The other day I decided to email him to see what he had left, if anything. He had two does who were pregnant, one due in early January. I told him about the goat I liked but couldn't remember which one it was for sure. He said he had two that were very friendly and he'd like to sell them both to me.

You can imagine where this lead... 

 Basically it lead to us driving two hours away to pick up not one, but TWO of his Pygmy does... Barnaby's former girlfriends. We had been thinking about it since he called us, but when he made us a deal on the two does we liked the best, we decided it was worth it. He's over a hundred miles away one direction, so it's not a quick trip.

These girls are not bred like the other two does he had for sale, but they are adorable. I have wanted purebred Pygmy goats for a long, long, time. I've had a hard time finding nice enough goats. I love my dairy goats, but I have always wanted a small herd of Pygmies. After my only Pygmy Hilda passed away last winter, there was a big hole in my heart. 

When Barnaby came it was fun to have a small goat around again - however, he's a boy, a hormonal boy, and he's not exactly the cute and cuddly type as we all know, especially looking at my last post. 

We picked up the girls yesterday... I've called them Rose and Dahlia... They are adorable and so, so, sweet. They like to cuddle, kiss, eat shoe laces... 

They did not want to come out of the barn this morning because the first thing they saw was Max, and that completely freaked them out. 

 After being freaked out by seeing Max, who was so excited to see them (but they thought he wanted to eat them) they then saw the turkeys and that was it - that scared them half to death. They apparently have never seen dinosaurs walking around in real life before. 

Finally I gave up on coaxing them out of the barn this morning and I let them stay inside the barn because I was in a hurry, I had a doctors appointment in town to get to. 

I then spent a ridiculous amount of time at the doctors not talking about what's ailing me but rather discussing the stinkiest cheese in Britain... yes, I'm serious. The stinking Bishop. 

Then we ran the rest of our errands which included a trip to the hardware store, liquor store and grocery store in the village. 

I enjoyed our trip to the grocery store more than usual because our friend who manages the store had a very nice present for us - 6, 4 pound whitefish freshly caught and cleaned! I am drooling just imaging how delicious these guys will be once they come out of our smoker. 

One of the first things I noticed when I got home was that Barnaby had jumped over the fence, crossed the road, and jumped into the other pasture across the road again. 

But there was no fighting. Buckwheat and him did not fight at all and not a bit of blood was splashed about. So I left him there. 

Clearly Flavious was not worried about it. 

Are you even a little worried Flav? Flav? Nope.

Dahlia is a licker. She likes to lick your nose, shoes, pants... whatever. She is very friendly but since she is in a new situation she is giving Rose the lead, she follows her every move. 

Hello? Rose? Where are you?

Rose has a very big personality for a small goat. She is a real cuddly girl and she follows me everywhere. She's very curious about things and has a lot of expressions. She also has already butted Barnaby a couple of times and enjoys climbing on a good bale of straw. I love her markings. She is so cute I could just eat her up. (Not literally of course.)

Rose! I've lost you again! HELLO! 

They've been enjoying exploring the barn and checking all the bags, bins, and rabbits out. 

Not the most flattering picture of Dahlia, but she is a talker... can't deny that one... 

We got a fresh delivery of hay yesterday so the barn is full... the girls were really enjoying that.

Hmm this stuff here is straw... ah, we'll eat it anyway. 

Dahlia: Hey, you there... what are you doing anyway?

I'm coming over to check this out... is that food in your hand? That thing you keep pointing at me?

Lambie, our blind ram, and Brina my bottle baby from the spring broke off from the rest of the crew to munch together. 

It almost made their mama cry. It was too adorable. Even Kevin got his heart strings pulled, maybe it's all the  antihistamines he's full of, but he did. 

Brina: We are just eating for crying out loud, why are you starring at us with that look in your eye! 
Lambie: Mom's like that. It doesn't take much, just cry gently and she'll loose it. She'll do anything you want. Try it sometime. 

Lambie: munch, crunch, munch, crunch.... is she still there taking pictures?
Brina: Uh huh... I'm ignoring her now. 

This is not Max smiling... this is Max frustrated because he can't eat Kevin. I've asked him not to. He tolerates Kevin, but he absolutely hates it when Kevin comes anywhere near the barn. It's a man thing... too much testosterone in one area. I don't think either of them can deal with the other being in charge. 

Lambie: Yes mom, I'm still here with Brina... yes we are still eating and it's still as adorable as it was earlier. 

Meanwhile everyone else ate from the big pile and didn't agree it was beyond adorable that Lambie and Brina were eating together like I did. They just don't get it. 

Me: Hmm Scarface, you shouldn't be looking quite so healthy and handsome... you know is it almost Thanksgiving... 
Scarface: Ah, we live in Canada, so wrong country lady. 
Me: The man who lives here is an American so we celebrate anyway.
Scarface: Oh, is that why you bought the 100 pound prime rib roast? You were planning on also eating turkey with that were you? Please, you insult my intelligence with your attempts at humor. 

Remind me again, is it really November? Are we absolutely sure of it? I feel so confused. It's not April? 

I tried again to coax the girls to come out....

Come on girls, it's safe, I swear... it's a beautiful day...

Rose: We don't believe you. It might be beautiful, but it's certainly not safe. There is a white wolf and six dinosaurs out there, we know, we saw them... you can't fool us. 

My day came to a close with me spending 20 minutes arguing with Barnaby about whether or not he could stay in the boys pen for the night (I said no, but I think I should have let him.) And then enjoying a glass of sauvignon blanc while throwing a quick dinner together with my eyes half open. 

And now I think it's time for me to go to bed. I only had a half of a glass of wine and yet I heard the anchor on the news say: they are counting goats in Sierra Leone now that the election is over... and it actually took me a couple of minutes to realize he obviously said VOTES.

So, goodnight.

The Chicken Chick


jaz@octoberfarm said…
great post! counting goats really made me laugh. the new girls are too cute. i can't wait to see how long it takes for them to lose the white wolf and dinosaur fear. i am trying to not freak out about our lack of winter. teddy enjoys this dry temperate fall weather so i guess i should too!
I always love your posts and the dialog.

The 2 new girls are cute!

I hate that Max wants to eat Kevin....
Dreaming said…
I enjoyed all of the pictures and your two new girls are cute as can be! LOL about counting goats!
Kelly said…
Thanks for the tour of animals. It looks lovely there. Snow will arrive soon enough. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
Much Love
Mary Ann said…
I always laugh and feel good after one of your posts, Donna! They are wonderful!
Chai Chai said…
The animals must have missed you so much while you were away in Alaska. Your barn looks great!
Nana-Bob said…
Awww Donna, the new girls are beautiful! They are really precious. All of the 'kids' are. :) I am envious.
Oh my gosh, I love all your animals! Are your dogs great pyrenees? We have a great pyr/sheepdog mix who watches over our chickens and guineas.

Found you via Clever Chicks blog hop and I'm your newest follower on GFC :)

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