This patty melt saved me...

From crying.

OK, I wasn't really going to cry, but I was tired. I was tired and I was sore, and I smelt like goat musk so bad I started to think I should be looking for does to breed.

I had planned on a more elaborate dinner but by the time I was able to start cooking I was wishing there was some possibility I could call for take out. Since that clearly was out of the question because there is no such thing out here, I had to cook something. I don't keep prepared foods on hand, so my quick food ideas are not really varied, but I knew I wanted something really, really, good. I had planned on seafood, but we were starving and needed red meat... 

After I slowly drank (downed) a half a glass of wine... I began. 

I suggest you make this sandwich. I'm calling it a patty melt, although it's not a "real" patty melt. It's a "different" patty melt. I inhaled mine, and not just because I was hungry.

Here's what you do....

You really need the Halloumi, it's soo good when fried and in this sandwich. 

Shape your ground beef into patties - and flatten them with your hands the best you can.  

Go ahead and pour the reduced sauce all over it. ALL over it. Let it soak in the pita. It's going to be messy, so just deal with that. It's not something to eat on a date or when you are really concerned about what other people think of you. Or when you don't want to mess up your makeup.

I love the way the pita bread soaks up the gravy, you could use a different type of bread if you'd like. I think that cardboard would work with this sauce on top. You wouldn't care, you'd eat it anyway. 

You can serve this with absolutely anything you want... and it's done so fast you won't die from starvation or cry from exhaustion, or the clean up afterwards because if you are like me, not only is the thought of ordering take out a lost cause, so is waiting for the hired maid to come along and clean up the kitchen... since she's just a figment of  my imagination and all... 


Dreaming said…
I can almost smell it! Yum!
Thanks for sharing.... we'll have leftovers tonight, but there's always tomorrow ;-)
Primitive Stars said…
Greetings......yum yum........looks so good, thanks for sharing.......Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving., Francine..
I have been that tired. Crying sometimes helps, but usually it just leads to lapsing into a coma.

I hope you get some rest soon.
That looks good. Glad you didn't start looking gaga at those

Poor hubby has had his share of sandwiches, mayo, crackers and cheese...yuck by the way and fix himself things lately.

With losing Panama, me being sick, hurt horses, sick dogs and losing Missy last night....I've been bummed out.

He understands and that's why I love him so much. He's so easy to live with.

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