This is what cool looks like

 I had another post from the barnyard ready to share with you all today, but I decided I just couldn't wait to show you Douglas and Norman. Is this kid cool or what? I mean how many backwoods Chihuahua's are wandering around in these kind of trendy threads?

The boys headed over the wood yard with me this afternoon to deliver a message to Kevin. It's cool today, so they put on their sweaters for the walk. 

hurry up mom, Norman, come on! 

I'm coming, I'm coming.... 

Alright already, I'll go faster!

It's not easy being this cute you know. 

Don't be jealous Douglas, it's not a good look on you...  

I know, you are thinking to yourself... boy he's really cute...  

Please send cookies.  

Douglas deciding what his next move will be... 

OK mom I'm tired of this... pick me up. Hold me... My feet are cold.  

Douglas is happy, he sees that firewood and knows we are ganna be warm! 

Max spotted something in the wood yard... 

Max says... "What is that dog wearing? Why don't I have a sweater like that?" 

Douglas says "OMG he's too close, he's too close!"

 Norman just waiting for me to come back and pick him up. 

Douglas: I want this sweater. I want a hood. How come you have a hood? I'm going to steal this from you when you are sleeping. 
Norman: Oh Douglas don't disturb me... I'm warming up in the sunshine... 

Douglas: come on, lets go run! 
Norman: pick me up or I'm going to start telling people I'm mistreated, I should be carried, not on the ground like some kind of animal. 

*I hope everyone likes the new look of the blog and that you find it more visually appealing. I really wanted 
the pictures to be bigger without you having to click on them, so they are easier to enjoy. I also want to thank everyone for reading the blog and for all your comments, I always look forward to them, and appreciate you all taking the time to visit. 

And in other news, you can now get to the blog by going to too! :) Douglas saved up his money for that one. 


Michele said…
Oh Norman, you slay me!
Edgar said…
A great post with super puppy snaps!!! I am just loving those sweaters - our who hounds have them but hate having them on.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
these guys are so stylish and cute! that is one loooong tongue for such a short guy! how did you get ur pics that big? mine need to be bigger!
Primitive Stars said… heart can`t take to those furbabies......Max is so beautiful made my night.....great post.....Blessings Francine.
Mary Ann said…
I LOVE THE NEW LOOK so much easier to read, and how the heck did you design it so you can use extra large pics??? I WANNA KNOW!!!!

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