Polish hot beer

Yesterday I woke up really stuffed up and I just wasn't feeling 100%. It's been pretty wet and cold outside so the dogs and I spent the afternoon developing a couple of recipes for an article I am writing. The dogs were on taste testing and clean up duties.

hey, we need to try it again, something just wasn't right with that last bite!

In between making a huge mess of my kitchen, I was going through old Polish recipes, when I came across one for Hot beer. This was a new one on me. But after reading more about it - a lot of people say it's a good remedy for when you are cold or don't feel well, like a hot toddy.... You know, everyone has their drink which will fix everything that ails you. If it's a really good drink, or you have enough of it, it might not fix you, but you might forget what was wrong with you in the first place. 

Anyway, I just had to try it. 

To make it, you need two egg yolks. Yes, two egg yolks. Beat those together in a mug, with 4 Tbs of sugar (you do need the sugar.) Set it aside.

Heat a bottle of beer (preferably Polish beer, I used a Canadian beer which I love, but probably wasn't the best beer for this recipe.) with a cinnamon stick (you can also use 1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon, and some whole cloves or 1/4 tsp of ground cloves. 

Bring it to a boil and let it boil for a couple of minutes. Remove it from the heat. Slowly, start drizzling in the egg yolk/sugar mixture, whisking the entire time. Keep whisking as it foams up. 

If you've used whole cloves and a cinnamon stick, use a strainer to pour your hot beer into your glass. Otherwise just pour it straight in. 

I poured some into a clear glass so you could see what it looks like. It looks quite tasty actually. 

It was too hot to drink out of that glass so I transferred it to a mug. You need to drink it hot - it's entirely different once it's cooled. And not different in a good way.

So... How does it taste? Quite good actually, but not as good as it would have tasted with a darker fuller beer. I like the frothiness of it, and it is warming. I'm going to try it again with a Polish beer and on a cold night after coming in from chores.

I gave it to three adult men to try, and every single one of them made a face and handed the mug back to me.  But I thought it wasn't half bad at all. 


Primitive Stars said…
Evening......hope your Polish beer made you feel better, love the fur babies.......so so cute......Blessings Francine
lol at the men...they were probably thinking why mess up a good thing

hope you are feeling better

Norman, cracks me up with his tongue stuck out all the time.

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