Visit from a blogging friend!

It was a cold and rainy day today. The kind of day that saw the goats only spending a couple of hours outside before they screamed bloody murder because the rain came and they cannot stand to get wet. Do they have sheds to go into to get out of the rain? Yes. Will they use them? No. Would they prefer I just followed them around holding an umbrella over their head? Yes.... 

Yesterday was much nicer, thankfully, because we had company. A blogging friend, Natashya who writes, Living in the kitchen with puppies, came up with her husband from their home near Toronto to visit for the afternoon. It was very exciting.

You know when you just *know* you'll get along fine with people you've never met? I knew the important things like that Natashya had a Pug, loved dogs and animals, loved to cook... what else matters. Kevin asked me, what do they do? What do they drive? I dunno know... 

When they arrived at the farm, they pulled a huge sack of carrots and a couple of bottles of wine out of their car, and I knew we'd all get a long just fine! We had fun visiting with the critters, feeding them carrots, getting nice and smelly like billy goats, and cuddling with them. Then we enjoyed some wine, some fun conversation, hot Guinness beef stew, and a few laughs.

Even the usually unsociable Izzie came over for a visit. 

Everyone stuffed their faces, which is normal. 

Sammy enjoyed the extra cuddles. He adores any extra attention and wants to remind everyone to join the Sammy Saanen fan club... he loves getting fan mail, especially ones that are edible. 

Bulrush is kind of paranoid... especially when the supply of carrots start getting low.

After visiting with everyone and going through two of the big bags of carrots, we headed back inside to visit with the dogs, Prairie dogs, birds, and drink the wine they made, and brought. 

They had said they would stay a couple of hours, but that ended up turning into several since we were all having such a good time. I'm so glad her husband was taking some pictures because I completely forgot - I even remembered to bring my camera with me at one point, and then promptly forgot to actually use it. 

It was so much fun to meet new friends, and be able to share a little bit of the farm with them. 

Natashya was sweet enough to bring me a copy of The Homesick Texan cookbook. It's been on my list of cookbooks to get for a while now. 

I made two recipes out of it for dinner tonight, sopa de fideo and jalapeno, cheddar, and apple scones. It was delicious. 

Today was also Douglas third Birthday! I can't believe how much my baby is growing up. Time does fly. 

His preferred method of celebration today was extra cookies and extra long naps. It was a good day for both. 


jaz@octoberfarm said…
what fun! i am going to try making the looks so good. are you getting hit by the storm? it is heading straight for us!
Happy birthday Douglas.

I'm glad you got a visit from one of your blogging buddies.

I've been MIA, I was out last week due to the lost of my 26 year old gelding. Totally heartbroken....
We had such a great time! Anyone looking in would never have known that we had just met.
We can't wait to come back one day for more critter love and good times.
Thanks again for such a wonderful day.
And I'm glad you like the book!
Mary Ann said…
The pictures were great and I'm glad you had such a good time, and Happy Birthday Douglas!!!!
What a fun slice of life. YOu know that you are going to get along with someone that brings a big sack of carrots and wine!!! My husband would love those goats! Nice to meet you in your neck of the woods!

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