A raccoon and a lamb

It's been a busy few days with trips off farm to two different cities in between other chores. It's exhausting having to leave the farm, everything is far away, and we hate being away from the farm when we are home. I'd rather spend weeks here without having to go anywhere than anything else. But we haven't been able to manage a solid three days without the leaving the farm since we've been home, there is always something to pickup up, or get fixed. This week one of the tractor tires got injured and needed repair. Without the tractor, our logging comes to a halt, so it had to be dealt with right away.

The other morning when I got up to the barnyard, Izzie had something important to show me. I followed her over to it after she kept pestering me, and it was a dead raccoon in the barnyard. I looked at it, and then towards the dogs. Max was starring at me and had his head down, with his tail hanging straight down, waiting to see if he was going to get in trouble or praised. 

He's never been in trouble for killing an intruder in the barnyard - however, he worries. His instinct tells him to kill it but he isn't sure if he's done the right thing or not. I can see the worry in his eyes I've seen before. I immediately call him over and he comes, slowly. Then the praising starts and I see the relief come over him. He knows he did a good job. 

Of course Flavious gets praise too - but I know it was Max who killed the raccoon and protected the ducks.  Max is the leader, and Flav is still very much just a follower.... he has not come into his own yet at all. 

After the showering of attention, they got special treats and then enjoyed pork and potatoes with their usual dinner rations. 

I'm not sure why there have been so many raccoon's on the move lately. We used to have plenty of them around the house, but for a long time it was quiet here. It seems they have returned with a vengeance. As long as I keep my ducks locked in the barnyard at night they are safe with Max, so I'm not worried about them like I was.

Today I sold my ram lamb from the spring. It's always a stressful time for me, since I only have one lamb to sell usually (with my current flock of just three sheep and one ewe) and if it's a ram lamb, I want it to manage to get a good home, which isn't always an easy task. But I found a wonderful home with a lady in a nearby town who has two ewes and a couple of horses. She was thrilled to have him, and will give him a wonderful home. She is thinking his name will be a Gaelic one, which is perfect, when she told me that, I knew in my heart I could sleep at night knowing this lamb would be safe. Plenty of people wanted to buy him to eat him. I have no problem with people eating lamb. I eat lamb. However, I don't raise lambs for market currently, and I'm attached to all my kids - even though I do try to keep my distance from the lambs (emotionally) so it will be easier for me to part with them, I care about where they go... I want to be able to sleep at night knowing they are in a good place and safe.

And this lamb was a great looking little guy - he's got a great disposition and he's a real looker. He wasn't born to be chops - he was born to be spoiled and cute.

To make things easier I brought the lamb to the house in the back of the mule. While we waited, the Wild turkeys came to check out what was happening...

what's going on here?

what is that? is it food?

After a little while, the deer showed up to check him out too. You can see the fawns coming on the right of the picture to inspect the new kid.

who is that?

I don't know but he talks funny!

Meanwhile everyone else was waiting for me to tend to them...

Brina looking for kisses

 Basswood says "ma, Buckwheat smells." 

A stinky face only a mother could love


The goats are enjoying the fresh leaves dropping everyday, they sure this time of year

Izze looking slightly annoyed... slightly impatient. 

In between all the running around off farm, I did manage to get caught up a lot of chores. I got all the rabbit water bottles completely scrubbed out and cleaned, all the rabbits got their nails trimmed, goats got their hooves trimmed... 

Barnaby the Pygmy buck has really calmed down. He's fitting in quite well. I don't know that he'll ever be the snuggly type, but he goes in his stall at night easily, he follows me around, and does come when I ask him to. He doesn't like me looking at him too much, although he'll tolerate it for short glances. 

He was a hit with the ladies, although they are pretty much over him now.

He still hasn't met Buckwheat my Saanen buck yet - they just look at each other through the fence. I'll wait for the hormones to calm down before I try them together for the winter. Buckwheat is not a fighter - if anything Barnaby will be too much for Buckwheat to handle and not vice versa... but hopefully they won't really care about each other once they are done peeing all over themselves and strutting their stuff. 


Ah, Brina, I was trying to take a picture of Barnaby

Oh, hello... 

We bought 23 pumpkin gourds so the rabbits could each enjoy one as a treat... 

Which they did... but none of my pictures turned out very well! Yukon wanted to know if I had any other treats to offer... 

 Tonight we finished off the night by enjoying some grilled Silver Salmon we caught in Alaska, and a glass of wine. I'm looking forward to curling up in bed with the dogs and a new book I'm just starting to read.

I'm grateful that I'll be able to sleep well knowing the animals are all clean, dry, trimmed, full, and well protected by Max and Flav.  And that Lila's lamb got a good home. and that he's safe. And I have a little money to put towards my hay bill. That always helps too. 


Primitive Stars said…
Hello....found your wonderful blog and enjoyed it very much....I`m a new follower now.....love animals and the farm life you lead.....beutiful scenery....Great dogs.....Blessings Francine.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
you sure are a hard worker! but look at all the love you get in return!
jody said…
oh gosh! so fun to hear all about the animals and your busy days! i love it! as i was reading i was thinking i hope we get to see the bunnys! and there it was sooo cute. we always had bunnys growing up in cages out by the garage in a little nook. so fun we had lop eared and white with black noses i cant remember their name maybe dutch something. i have always talked about getting a couple bunnys just like the hens but.. havint done it yet. and id have to hide them from my city clerk-city inforcer daughter! enjoy your animals!
Mary Ann said…
Love your posts, they are always so informative!
Nana-Bob said…
Love all your pictures and captions and stories, lol. Love them!!! I wish I could come and play in the yard wth them all...:) Keep the posts coming wehn you can, we know you are busy, busy.
We got 90 bales out of our cutting on friday.

We'll be glad when we have our own equipment. This year we are having to barter and pay to have it cut.

Still beats hauling hay from a couple of hours away.

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