Fashionistas and boys

If there is one thing my girls love around here, aside from food, it's fashion. 

Brina likes to always be up to date on the current fashions, even in the barnyard. I can hardly keep up with the packages she gets in the mail. She's forever ordering new things. 

Flavious doesn't get it, he knows nothing about fashion 

Look at this beauty, made for modeling

 honestly what other goat can model this well? 

I know, I'm adorable... 

it's not easy being this beautiful, you know....

there will always be those girls who are jealous and talk behind your back. 

It is a beautiful cool fall day here, and everyone is in good spirits and looking their best of course. You never know who you might meet or have to show off to. 

Meanwhile, I'm cleaning. Or trying to. It's so nice outside, it's hard to force myself to work inside, but it looks like a bomb went off in here, and not one full of confetti or glitter either.

Yesterday we left the farm and drove two hours away to pick up this:...

A yet un named 1 1/2 year old Pygmy buck. He has no name, the other people never named him. I have three names floating around, and I'm considering which one fits the best. He has never been handled, he's very nervous, but also very sweet. He is not aggressive with us. He is polled, and probably weighs about 35-40 pounds. He's a little guy. But don't tell him.

We brought him home and put him in a pen in the barn so he could calm down. I got him to eat grain out of my hand, but this morning he wasn't sure he wanted to do that again. I think last night he temporarily lost control of his emotions and manliness while seeking affection from me, some strange red haired woman who captured him, threw him in the truck and then brought him to this place which has two giant white wolves running around it. Then there is the man. The big man who lifted him in and out of the truck, with such ease. He must be very strong to have lifted up a goat so big and masculine. 

 I pet him for a while but he was scared the entire time. He's used to just being loose and not touched. Or spoken to by the looks of it.

I'm not sure he'll ever be as sweet and cuddly as my kids, however I know he'll calm down. All my goats are super tame, so that will rub off on him, and once he settles in with his new family, he'll be more happy and less... paranoid. He's not really sure what's happened to him or what we are planning on doing with him yet. 

He kinda acts like he's watched one two many horror movies and is thinking the worst. 

Today, I put my one group of goats, the neutered boys, Buckwheat my Saanen buck and also Biscuit, the one doe Buckwheat will be breeding this year, in Izzie the three toed cows pasture. She was overjoyed to have goats back. She was being super bossy at first, but Buckwheat gave her a run for her money, and she knocked it off. After a summer living on the big horse pasture with just Jackson, she did miss the goats. She's so used to being around them. So she's very happy today. 

Buckwheat managed to get a bunch of burrs in his beard when I put him in a pasture that I haven't used recently yesterday. His beautiful big beard is just full of burrs right now. He really couldn't care less, but it's breaking my heart. I love that beard.

I let the new guy out in the barn for a while today - I am not about to let him outside in the barnyard even yet because I'll never catch him to put him inside at night. He's also afraid of Max & Flavious because he's never been around dogs - so I want to break him in slowly and not give him a heart attack. Or give myself one. He's pretty full of himself, thinks he's God's gift to goats and what not. 

We'll see how long that lasts when he meets the others. 

Lewis the ram lamb is growing up. He's sweet as can be and polled, which is interesting. Hopefully I'll find just the right home for him, he's such a sweetheart.

Poor Henrietta the Hermaphrodite is running about thinking she's in rut. But she's quite enjoying herself and thinks she's quite the big goat.

Everyone else thinks she's a mental case though. 

Melvin, my little boy from Bea this spring is so handsome. I'd love to keep him as a buck since he's got great qualities and he's also gentle as can be like his daddy, but obviously he's related to my crew, and considering I already have FIVE wethers, we don't need another one of those. 

The ducks are spending the day soaking up the sun. 

And the turkeys are wondering how they ended up in a place with animals so weird, they are the normal ones around here.

In other news.... 

The dogs are clean. They had a full spa day, and could be featured in an herbal essences commercial their fur is so soft. 

We are infested with raccoon's. They ate my decorative corn on the porch. They are sleeping in my ATV at night. They are stealing from us constantly and trying to break into the house when we are not looking. 

And now back to crying. Oh, I mean cleaning.

Will share more about the Giant Puffball later - as in, how to cook it! They are delish, honestly. I wouldn't lie to you. 


Deb said…
Have just found your wonderful blog. What an immense heart you have. I just love your animals. They look so, so happy. Will visit again soon .x
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what does polled mean? i love seeing all the pics of everyone! what will you do about the racoons?
Mary Ann said…
Looks like you are getting all settled in, Donna... Happy Cleaning!
earthmaan1 said…
I had to look that up to Jaz...

Polled livestock

I'm glad you 2 are back safe and sound,,, I got an invite that I'm really thinking about taking,,, I may even join the rank of one of them critters,,, LOL
I don't know how you keep everybody's name straight. All of the white goats look alike to me.

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