Almost home

I think this is the longest I've went without updating the blog! Sorry for the delay in my posting. Since my last post, we have driven long days, had late nights, and it was rather... exhausting. We had rainy weather pretty much the entire way. It's been following us.

Since getting to Sault Ste. Marie Michigan again - I've had the worst Internet connection in history. We've had days of rain, with heavy winds blowing the rain sideways. I just hope this weather does not follow us home. The weather is better in Tok right now - than it is here. I'm not kidding. 

We leave for home tomorrow, but we'll take two days to get there because we have to stop in the morning and get our truck looked at again. We've had a trailer brake control fault since leaving Tok. We've had brakes on the 5th wheel, but it has been messing with the brakes and making the 5th wheel brake at unexpected and inconvenient times. It seems like a wiring problem, so hopefully they will be able to fix that fairly easily. 

We also don't want to get home at midnight, in the dark. We have over a mile through the winding forest to get this 5th wheel in our lane, and we'd like to do that in the light of day! 

We so look forward to being home, to seeing the animals, and to having a roaring fire in the wood stove. After days of that miserable damp cold, the worst kind, I cannot wait to curl up next to a hot fire. After I have kissed every single one of my goats, and critters. 

So we'll be back to regular programming here very shortly, folks. Thanks for your patience. Please send sunshine! 

P.S. Norman wants you to know he's just turned SIX years old too!


Norman looks exhausted too and I bet the dogs will be happy to get back to their comfy spots by that fire.
Safe travels. Looking forward to your updates from the farm.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
happy birthday norman! what a long tough trip for all of you. i can't wait to hear about how happy the animals are to see you!
Nana-Bob said…
Yay! Happy birthday Norman! Today is my mommas bday!
Dreaming said…
Safe travels. I hate driving in the rain - yuck!
And... welcome home!
Mary Ann said…
Happy Birthday, Norman... and I hope you get home safely and soundly. Send some of the rain to Kansas, too.
Happy B'day Norman!!!!

I'd be so ready to get home.

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