Look out, there is a Pug in Prince William Sound!


Actually, we did see one other Pug, but he wasn't on a boat. So it doesn't count. I was so worried about Douglas going on the boat. First of all, he has a sensitive stomach. I thought for sure he'd get queasy. Did he? Nope. The second day out in deeper water halibut fishing, the boat was rocking back and forth a lot, and Doug was fine. Me? Not so much. I don't get motion sickness very often - but I did get sick last time I went out halibut fishing, so I brought some meds with me this time. I wasn't sick except for the once, with the constant rocking of the boat, and that was mostly because I sat inside for an extended period of time, and then ate cream cheese. Not a great idea. I felt fine in the rocking as long as I was outside the cabin.

Secondly, I was worried because either Douglas (and Norman) would have to do his business on paper on the fishing deck, or we'd have to launch the dingy a couple of times a day and go to shore with them. Now, I'm cool with going to shore in a little tiny boat when we are in a bay, but out in deep water where you have to squint to see the shore in the distance? Lets just put it this way, I would have done it, but I wouldn't have liked it.

Warm water maybe. Freezing cold deer water. No thanks.

But to my complete amazement, he did do his business on the paper on the fishing deck, with only slight hesitation while he wondered if this was really allowed and if he could do it and not get in trouble. But he did it... and there was no problem. Norman has done this before, he's been fishing multiple times, so I wasn't too concerned about him. Aside from looking at me with the most disgusted look possible on his face, he would do his business on the paper, although it really hurt his ego. The rest of the time I just had to make sure Norman wasn't eating fish bait, shrimp bait, fish guts, crumbs, or anything that he could find anywhere, which is normal Norman behavior.

Norman has had his life jacket for a while, but Douglas just got his in Fairbanks in preparation for going fishing. They didn't wear them, except for me to get some pictures and annoy them. If I had to have taken them to shore to pee though, they would have had them on. Life jackets and amazingly short leashes.

Mary Ann commented on my last post and asked, "Don't you worry about Douglas and Norman getting away from you?" I thought it was a good question to ask, and the answer is, no I don't. They are both very well trained, on purpose. They know how to come, sit, stay, wait. They even wait to eat their dinner until they get the word it's OK. They don't run away from me, ever. And when we are in a situation that I am not in complete control of, they are leashed, or sometimes kenneled. They are never out of my reach, and I never put myself or them in a situation where they could become out of my reach or control. I know when I can trust them, and when I cannot. Just like my Pyrs at home. I trust Max with almost anything but I know there are a few scenarios where I have to be extra alert.

When we were stuck in Coal River B.C. because of the road washout on the Alcan, I found it completely shocking that a young couple staying there left their two small Yorkies outside unattended. The dogs stayed pretty near their truck, with some minor wandering, but in a place like that where I know there are bears, buffalo, strange people I don't know (I consider strange people a threat just like a bear!), my dogs are always leashed. They wouldn't run off - but they are always with me and leashed anyway. I never take chances.

On our property here in Tok, I let the dogs out for a run in the open, with me there, but they are never more than a couple feet away from me, neither of them wander far. I also exit the camper every morning before the dogs, while they sit and wait at the door, so I can look around and see what's going on. Make sure a bear isn't standing there or something, because it's been known to happen! Mostly they are on my lap or standing beside me. Even when we are camping and I take them outside and tie them up on a long line, so they can sniff around and be outside, they won't. They climb into my lap and look around from there - both of them, Doug included.

Douglas looks thrilled doesn't he? Just thrilled.

Norman had to have known a picture like this would show up on the internet

please take it off.

we going swimming? or what?

first fish... a grey cod. Apparently they are delicious but they are full of worms and if you don't process them right away, the worms get in the meat. It's not really nice to look at.

We caught up with Bud's son and his family and we nested together - meaning we tied our boats together side by side and had margaritas

Bud's son has his old boat now, looks so small next to the new one!

their dog, Gypsy waiting to eat one of us

Ling cod

looking off the deck at our fishing spot


catching a halibut!

here he comes!

and here he is

one of the goofiest fish you can see... they are completely flat, and nothing makes sense anymore they just flattened out as they evolved to lay on the bottom and look up.

a little boat towing a big boat

this boat must have broken down, because it's net tender is pulling it in

cleaning the halibut

here's another one... we caught fairly small halibut, biggest was maybe 20 pounds. They are the best for eating, but I'd still like to be there when someone catches a big one. The biggest one Kevin ever caught was about 67 pounds.

it's so unreal the way their bodies adapted when they flattened out

while we were fishing the boys slept and watched from inside

another gray cod

Sea Otter

swimming by

whale passing by the boat


baby Sea Otter! Nature at it's cutest

raft of Otters

Back in Jack Bay again

The commercial fisherman had an 8 hour window to net pink salmon, so they started lining up near Jack Bay the night before. By morning there were hundreds of them.

One of the many waterfalls

Captain and Norman having a chat, while Douglas wishes I would let him come outside

here come the fishing boats

one of the net tenders with his net out

unfortunately some of Bud's shrimp pots got mixed up in the middle of the fishing boats and nets, so we had to go out and try and save them


one of the tenders pulling in their net full of pink salmon

looks like a lot of fish to me. I'm not sure how good they did though

we managed to get all the pots pulled to safety

oil terminal at Valdez - a lot of people wonder about how Valdez has recovered from the oil spill and the answer is, it has recovered, really. Animal populations have returned to close to normal, or normal, the animals are healthy and abundant, as are the fish

one of my favorite parts of Valdez trips, coming up to see the Sea Lions

They are so adorable!

adorable, and also, lazy

who you calling lazy?


these two stopped to have words with each other


if looks could kill

all is calm again

big yawn

now it's time for a good scratch

coming back into the harbor

the Coast Guard was all decorated for the 4th of July

Heading home I was able to get some pictures going through the pass, although it was still foggy, not nearly as bad as on the way up to Valdez. Mostly what you saw was... snow.

big patches of snow


lotta snow

from the blowers, still along the side of the road

we picked up some sunshine near Chistochina

reading on the way home


the fireweed is out, I love the bright pink blossoms


sunshine! Haven't seen that in a while...

We saw a cow and a calf just before Tok - and my stupid camera was set on custom and not automatic because of other pictures I was taking, so I couldn't stabilize it, and on the time I changed functions, I lost the picture. This is all I got. I was really pee'd off about it.

When we came home, I had a nice hot shower, and it was heavenly. You know how extra good a hot shower feels after you've done a lot of heavy work in the heat or cold, or you've been camping for a few days without being able to have a good shower? So good. However, while I closed my eyes and was washing my hair, I started swaying so badly I almost fell over! It's so funny how even when you get off the boat - your body still sways, because it's adjusted to being on the boat. It's really weird.

I felt a little dizzy after my shower - but nice and clean. It was warm enough in Tok to even pull out a sundress, after days of heavy sweaters.

Today is clean up day, laundry, dishes, the works. Then it's off to Captain Buddy's bar for drinks with all our friends tonight. Every Friday we all meet up, have a couple drinks, and then head over to eat next door at Fast Eddies. It's always fun. One time we even met the Governor in there on a Friday night!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
what fun! i loved seeing all of these photos. seeing the boys on the boat was so cute. i don't think i could ever get teddy on a boat. she is ultra cautious about always being on solid ground. plus, i get motion sick if i sit on a swing. it's tough to get me on a boat! have fun tonight with your friends. you deserve it. oh..btw...it is 100 here now and they are calling for it to be really hot tomorrow. i have snow envy!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i just have to tell you that my husband and i were so bored because of the heat, we decided to go out to dinner. i have never been so bored in my life, even with A/C, it is hard to pull up any energy to do anything. if it was just a day here or there it would be different. we have been consistently in the 90's and now the 100's since the beginning of april. no one has told my crab grass that it should be dying. it is the healthiest thing in my garden. ANYWAY, we sat at dinner for 2 hours and talked about nothing but you! i so admire what you do and how you have chosen to live! your mother would be so proud of you! i look so forward to all of your posts.
Dreaming said…
I won't let my hubby read your post; When we hook up the camper, he'll want to head your way if I do!
Loved seeing the fish. I didn't realize Halibut are flat, like flounder, with both eyes on one side. Flouder start out like regular fish, and swim upright, too. Then they assume a sedentary life on the bottom and their eye migrates to the top side. It's creepy!
The dogs are cute in their life jackets. My parents used to have their golden retriever onboard with them. Even though Goldens
Dreaming said…
Oops...I was interrupted and didn't finish... anyway, I was saying that their dog wore a jacket when they were underway. They could never get him to do his business on deck, even though they got a special 'grass mat'. He would hold it until my dad rowed him ashore. He needed to go in twice a day.
Great photos again! I'm thoroughly enjoying your trip ;)
Poor Douglas...I don't think he was meant to be a seafarer.
Okay - I've survived until now loving halibut...however, I think the vision of this weird looking fish will haunt my next halibut meal.
Take care.
Mark Kimel said…
Laudsy sakes, just makes me chomp the the bit to go back up there. So nice and beautiful. Looks to be heck of a lot cooler than when we was there in '04. Sure wasn't much snow around accept on the mountain peeks.
You guys keep safe and keep having fun. Thanks for the pics.....
Great post and luv all the pics
those are 2 of the cutest boys ever

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