Wild Rose petal tea

It's the simple things in life that really truly make a person happy.

Simple things like taking a short walk with your dogs in the evening, enjoying the cool breeze and the peace and quiet... and stopping to pick a few rose petals along the way which you can later brew into a lovely, calming, rejuvenating cup of tea.

It's simple things like those, that remind me to stop and say a prayer of thanks. Never mind the bad stuff, or the troublesome stuff, or the difficulties there may be along the way. Life is full of beautiful things, and beautiful moments.

The wild roses are coming out here in Alaska, their big bright beautiful pink flowers are opening up to the warm sun. They are beautiful. They make me think of mountains... the prairie... the North... of my dad.

With a handful of petals, some water, and some honey, you can have a little taste of the divine. It takes no time at all, and the way sipping a hot cup of tea scented with rose petals makes you feel... will change your life.... and probably help you sleep better too. When picking wild roses, be sure to only take a petal or two from a flower, so the flower isn't damaged. Of course if you don't have wild roses, you can just use rose petals.

All you need is a good handful of petals and a few cups of water. Clean the petals and boil them until the petals start turning dark and you can start to really smell the roses.. no pun intended ;)

Then just strain your tea into a mug and if you are like me, add a generous amount of honey, or none at all. However you like it. I love the taste of rose and honey together. Definitely a match created by the Gods.

Wild rose on our property

my petals for tea

boiling the petals

time for the honey!

Next up... Wild rose jelly!

A cup or two of rose petals and honey and I'm ready to sleep like a baby and get taken away by my dreams to magical places... or like a Pug....and drive myself crazy chasing a squirrel I can't catch. Depends.



Mary Ann said…
I'm not much of a tea drinker, but this looks GOOD! Love the dog's pictures.
Paige said…
My boyfriend is very big on tea, I'm sure he'll love this! I also have to say, I'm in love with your blog. Trade me lives, please. Yours is always the very last blog I read on my google reader, I devour every word and just stare at your photos. I live in a moderately sized city, in a suburban neighborhood. I long for a life like yours, with the gorgeous views, heavy trees and the many silly animals. I look forward to seeing what you're doing in Tok!
Mary said…
Oh, what a wonderful idea! I am making some wild rose tea today. Why didn't I think of it sooner? I love wild roses and grow several varieties. They do well in almost any climate, so I'm not surprised they are growing wild up there. Can't wait to read about your jelly, though I may beat you to it!
You make the tea sound terrific.

That is the sweetest guy.
What a cute little pup. I love rose petal tea - such a nice post.

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