We are stuck

We are sitting on the Alaska highway, at Coal River, stuck. The road is washed out at Watson lake ahead of us and it's open and closed in Kluane depending on the time of day and how much they are controlling the water. Tons of rain, washouts, slides... it's a mess. So we are camped here for a few days until traffic can start moving again... We were hoping to be in Tok on Tuesday but no such luck... we'll be lucky if the road is open again on Tuesday, it might take longer. 

We are out of bread, so I'm off to bake some in the camper.

We have limited WIFI, thankfully you can get online at the little cafe here but it's slow going. But I'll try to update the blog with some pictures later on. 

At least it's warm today and the sun is shining!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
oh no!!! so sorry but at least you aren't just in a car! can't wait to hear more.
Mary Ann said…
Praying for you and Kevin, Donna (and Douglas and Norman, too!)
Good thing you travel with your home! Hope you get to be on your way again soon.
Oh no! Hope you can get going soon.
earthmaan1 said…
Sorry to hear this,,, but if it is not one thing it is 10 other things that get in the way,,, I hope you have smooth sailing from this point forward,,, You Guys take care now... Peace
Chai Chai said…
How many people out there can bake their own bread in a camper? The other folks on the highway are going to be magically drawn to the smell of fresh bread coming from your camper - maybe you can set up a bakery?

Hope you get back moving soon!
Carolinablue said…
You guys be safe and enjoy your time.
We've got a sign up in Sign City, Watson Lake, if it's still there. We put it up in '04. If you happen to see it let me know. It'll be white with a US flag on each end and say Mark and Vicky from Clemmons NC.
Do hope the weather clears up for you.

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