We are featured on Blogher.com today!

on BlogHer.com 

I am very excited and honored that my post "North to Alaska" will be 
featured on Blogher.com today! 


Mary Ann said…
Leigh said…
Congratulations Donna! What an excellent way to showcase you and your blog.
...because you have an awesome blog...
YankeeRancher said…
I just found your site on blogher- I love it! My husband has always wanted to have a second home in Alaska. I do love it there -but saw the movie, THE GREY and I'm now officially freaked out! I thought Texas was tough- I think I'd have to grow a whole new coat of tough to move there...You are one brave lady! ;)
earthmaan1 said…
OMG,,, were in the mist of a celebrity,,, Way to go Donna, CONGRATS

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