Our land in Tok

view of the Alaska range from our property

 We've been spending some time out at our 10 acres here in Tok... and pricing some work. It looks like it's possible we might be able to afford to hook the electricity up this year, but we haven't got the official bid yet, so we aren't sure. Tomorrow they will come and put in the septic system for us and see what kind of ground work needs to be done so we can get the 5th wheel into the property. We were going to run into Fairbanks today so we could look at water tanks, one that will fit in the back of the truck, since we'll need to haul water, but we are too tired to make the 400 mile round trip in one day.

the pad we put in two years ago - for our future cabin


the road going in we put in 2010

flowers on the cranberry bushes

 almost makes me want a frost right now (almost, not quite) so I can pick em!

big spider!

Sphagnum moss growing on the trees

The forest floor

 cranberries all over!

looking back at the pad

 Mushrooms just starting to come up, there is an amazing amount of mushrooms that grow here

To eat or not to eat? Probably not to! I have a mushroom book with me this year though to learn about what's here. 

Kevin checking to see where our property line markers were... so we could remember where our lines are

no idea what this plant is, but it's really neat looking

 more cranberry flowers

 your feet just sink in when you walk in the forest, that's why Douglas loves it so much, it's like running on pillows!

the road to our friend Bud's house

So we are still at our friend Bud's house, camping out. We bought a bunch of herbs to plant when we get to the property, thyme, cilantro, peppermint, basil, etc... so I'll have them to cook with at least. It's too early in our set up to have a proper garden here. 

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year and we'll have about 23 hours of direct sunlight. When the sun sets it's still light out - just a little less bright, so it's an adjustment. We are normally both night people so with the sun being out, it feels like you should stay up even later! Evening is usually the nicest part of the day here too. It's about 65 degrees Fahrenheit here today, and partly cloudy. It was up in the 70s yesterday but mostly it's been cool. The weather changes throughout the day - I brought lots of mixed clothes, but I didn't bring a lot of clothes I can layer with, and you need layers so you can easily change during the day. So I need to get my act together. 

Poor Doug had an upset tummy yesterday and need a shower. His poor mother spent a while cleaning up. But he smells like coconuts now (because of my shampoo) and he's feeling 100 % today thankfully! The poor little bug had some bad tummy trouble. 

So far all we've seen in Tok is rabbits - and there are LOTS of them. I'm extra careful with the dogs because a couple of years ago while camped at Bud's house, we watched an Owl grab a rabbit and fly across his driveway! So you've always got to watch. Here at Bud's house we are close to town, at our land we are much further out and closer to the wilderness and mountains, we are right on the edge of it. So there is a much greater chance of running into a bear. So all of us will have to be very cautious. 

We went to a potluck the other night and it was great! A bunch of local people all brought dishes in, slow cooked ribs, homemade ice cream, scalloped potatoes, pork roast... I made some rolls (and it was all I could do in between a dozen other errands that day!) and it was great fun with lots of good food. I have to get to cooking this weekend to catch up on the cooking club and I also need to make a couple recipes for an article I"m working on. My to do list is growing, so I better get at it. 

Before I go , I want to take a minute to thank all my friends and blog readers for reading, and for the support! You all mean so much to me, and I appreciate each of you so much!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
it sure is exciting and very interesting to read about your life in tok. glad that douglas is feeling better. i am so worried about my teddy. she has been eating leaves and throwing up and is just not herself. our last chow died of stomach cancer. chows get stomach cancer 20% more than all other breads. i hope and pray it is something else! continue to have fun on your adventure. i look forward to all of it.
Thank you for posting on Cranberries, the only image I had of them was floating in a pool of water and on a juice bottle. Would love to learn more about them. Love your journey to the new home oneday. We are plodding along as well with our little property Love all the pics!
How neat, cranberries. Never seen them on a bush before.

Keep those boys on a leash so some mean ol owl doesn't get them.

Pot luck sounds great!
Mary said…
Just found your blog and love it! We live at the other end of the country, down in Florida. It's so interesting to read about what grows up in your neck of the woods, the different weather and lifestyle.
Ian said…
Glad you two made it to Tok (finally). Your property looks nice and I think I see a lot of work ahead.
Building up your property sounds like such an exciting and rewarding project to do together. Yes, be careful of that wildlife...especially for Douglas and Norma's sake.
I find it so interesting that your photos are so different from your Ontario homestead photos.
Angie said…
Love the land fun project! You may have drove right through where we live in PG, BC,on your way to Alaska! Its looking greaT, projects always take longer then we want them too!

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