From the farm

this is the goofiest picture of Flavious I think ever, fly included!

Here are some pictures of the kids, Jim sent me from home. Everyone is looking good and enjoying the grass and sunshine. Flavious has recovered completely from his surgery prior to our leaving for Alaska and is being his usual goofy self. I do miss them, but I have little to worry about, their Uncle Jim is taking good care of them and they are all doing just fine! I look forward to being able to snuggle all those goaties again though.


 Beatrice and her kid Melvin - who is getting huge! He is such a nice looking buckling - I wish I could keep him for my herd but of course I can't - it's time to bring in new genes, but this little guy is going to make an awesome buck for someone... I'm glad I decided against neutering him, because he's good looking and has a great disposition, like his dad.

Bea and Melvin


Here is my baby, Brina the weed! From diapers and baby bottles to a lovely looking young lady! I cannot believe how big she is getting. She looks so good though, I'm so pleased. She's a lovely girl.

the little ram is growing too!

My Brina girl

smiling Brina

Flav watching the goats

Happy Flavious

Bulrush, Bucket and Sammy Saanen

My baby boy! Sammy :) I just want to kiss that spotty nose!

Isabella Moo in her summer clothes

Action Jackson

Izzie and Jack

Izzie Moo

I will tell you about the Bucket Fiasco later on, my eldest doe has been battling an illness which started just before we left the farm, but she is recovering very well. 

For now, we are off to hopefully get some water tanks so we'll be able to haul water to our property! Wish us luck.


Mary said…
Nice post, I loved seeing your menagerie. We just started with goats this year and now have two Great Pyrenees. Ours are nubians, very sweet, and I love the Great Pyrenees, such great dogs. Ours are still young, puppie, really. Our girl is almost 5 months now, but she looks so big. It's hard to think of her as a puppy. :)
jaz@octoberfarm said…
good to see that things are going well on the farm. you are so lucky to have someone so trustworthy to watch it all. i bet they will all be so happy to see you when you return!
I still don't know how you tell them apart. They all look like white goats to me.

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