Green, green, grass of spring

Yesterday we let everyone out on their summer pastures. It was a very happy day for everyone around here. We moved Izzie moo and Jackson over to their big summer pasture where we built their new summer house, the Mootel.

Jim leading Jackson down the trail

Jackson tasting to see if it was good grass or not...

Isabella Moo and Jackson, who have been slowing making friends for the past couple of months

Did you see that?

We opened up the doors to the Mootel so they could check it out if they wanted to

Before they went to bed last night, we filled the entire thing up with fresh straw for them.

Jim pulled our leftover construction materials out of the pasture, so the wouldn't be tripping on them

The happy couple

We also let the goats and sheep out on pasture at home, it's not quite as high as the big pasture, but the grass is up nicely and they really needed it... It was time.

Melvin and Bucket and Bea

Henrietta and Biscuit


Brina tasting this little tree

She is one happy girl with all the grass, room to run, and rocks to climb on in the big pasture


Lou, my male Pekin (AKA "Lou Diamond Phillips") has a really big attitude. He likes to chase the turkeys around and he doesn't always just stop there... If they are near his water or his food, or his girls... he will pull feathers out of them. And amazingly, even the big toms, run from him, and won't mess with him. He's one tough duck. Well, he's one tough duck who's never been challenged by anyone bigger than him before.

oh great, here he comes again

alright already, we are leaving!

Brina had a ball climbing on the rocks and logs in the yard

oh look out... here comes trouble, or Bulrush rather

Melvin following his mama

Flavious is now collar free, and healing. He's much happier now that's he can be around his friends

Max & I caught having a snuggle

Snickerdoodle showing off

Bulrush reaching for those tender leaves up high

Max has an itch, if he can only find the right spot to scratch....

Oh, that's the spot!

Jim playing with an upside down Flavious

Izzie and Jackson enjoyed sleeping in the Mootel last night, which is perfect. I wanted to move them over there long enough before we leave for our trip, so I could make sure they were happy and getting along. Sometime by the end of next week, hopefully, we'll be on the road.

Today, I'm spending a good deal of time in the kitchen... There is pork roasting in chilies, tomatoes and jalapenos roasting for salsa, and pumpkin flan in the oven. Later I'll make tortillas, and guacamole, and a few other things to go with the Mexican meal we'll be sharing with friends tonight - complete with a special twist on Pina coladas, which I'll share tomorrow.

Hope everyone's pastures are getting greener by the day!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
your place is seriously a piece of heaven!!! who is watching everyone while you are gone?
Dreaming said…
Spring is so wonderful. I love the green pastures. We actually had some rain last night and today and I can see things greening up a bit.
I love seeing all of your happy animals!
Mary Ann said…
Donna, sounds like the perfect day! I hope you know I'm going to steal plans for the mootel... perfect with the two stalls!
Great pictures. Jackson is so dang cute.

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