A dog, his cow, and the rest of us

We got home yesterday from our trip to Syracuse, NY for Doctors appointments and last minute errands... and now the rush is on to get all our projects and chores done so we can hit the road in the next couple of weeks. 

Flavious is healing, but he's pretty sad he still can't be with Max. It's going to be a while before he'll be able to play with his buddy again. He goes back to the Vet on Tuesday morning for a check up to see how he's healing. I've been cleaning his incision and changing his bandage trying to keep it clean, it's difficult with him being outside, but he tolerates it well and Jim has been here to help me which makes a big difference. He's much happier and calmer since he's not inside, and he's returned to his normal happy go lucky, calm, self.. instead of the monster eating his way out of the barn through the wall in a panic. Poor kid. He absolutely hates being indoors - however he does manage well in the car which is amazing. He's really calm about it - thank heavens! Max on the other hand is not calm about it and he also doesn't appreciate all the strangers that come with trips away from the farm.

The animals are enjoying the warming weather. Last night I heard the Whip-poor- will sing for the first time this spring. I love spring on the farm, it's an exciting time of year as the birds return and all the babies are born. Everyone is happy and the forest is full of song.
 is this a pair or what?

In this small cabinet above the bed in the 5th wheel, I have managed to stack in about 45 books. Hopefully I won't run out!

 Douglas has been helping pack - and making sure all his favorite toys get packed

 Kevin hung the hanger up for the boys leashes and harnesses... and that closet in the bedroom is almost full now, already and I just started doing any serious packing today....

taking a break in the camper

Norman relaxing in the sunbeam

two of the baby Canadian geese that have been coming in their yard with their families for the buffet

they are such cute little guys!

the weed, or Brina rather, is growing

I know, I'm adorable....

Huey, Duey, and Louie, also know an as, Max's personal egg suppliers...

 the pasture in the goat yard is coming up

 the 10 acre pasture where the new mootel stands is growing very nicely


 Sammy Sannen munching this morning

 Snick having a scratch

huh? what?

Brina having some grass this morning

Izzie and Jackson have been spending their days out on the grass, which they love. Before we go, we'll move them to their 10 acre pasture where their summer getaway house is... they will spend the summer there.

Now we are all going to stop and take a break for a little while before returning to our projects... 

 can you see what I'm looking at off the porch?

It's so much fun watching these little guys in the yard in the afternoons. 

I was hoping to cook something tonight for the cooking club but there is little energy to spare... so dinner tonight comes from our friends chip wagon in the village. Tomorrow we get up and take the 5th wheel in for it's check up, and then we are going to take it for a little test run hopefully, since we've only ever driven it about 10 miles and we are about to take it 4,000 miles to Tok! 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. I leave you with a couple of pictures from last night of that big beautiful moon over our pond in front of the house.


Dreaming said…
Poor Favlious. Those cones are awful! I hope he is back to new soon.
Love seeing Brina and how much she has grown.
I envy you... heading out in a camper. I'd love to do that. Where are you going?
Have fun on your trip!

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