Brina, Brina

Bucket's little buckling

 Happy Easter weekend, everyone! It's been lovely here, and today the wind has even calmed down. We started on building the "Mootel" yesterday, Izzie's summer house. In a couple of afternoons, we should have that finished and be one project down. 

 Buckets kids

 Brina has been spending the days up at the barn, in the barnyard with everyone. She was so easy to leave, after she got up there for the first time she just left me and went around to meet everyone. She is not shy, and everyone was quite welcoming towards her. She loves playing, especially with the little ram lamb. Usually the goat kids and lambs don't really play together, but this little ram loves playing with the goat kids, and the dogs. Brina comes home at night, to the house still. Mostly because it's still going to freezing or below at night, but also because her mother (moi) hasn't been able to move her out for good yet. 

She is now at the stage where she is breaking things, climbing on coffee tables, computer desks, trying to climb on the hearth and wood stove, eating all my books, our clothes. You know, typical goat things. In the evenings she is more quiet after a day full of play, so I'm able to keep her at the house a little longer.

 She loves playing on the rocks that go along the side of the barn, climbing up and down like a mountain goat.

The ducks live in a pen inside the barnyard but I decided a few days ago to just let them out to mingle. I tried once before but was worried about whether or not the turkeys would be nice to them, but it seems now everyone is getting along famously and the ducks are having a lot of fun running about. Max, my elder Great Pyrenees is keeping a close eye on them and keeping them safe.

hey, wait, where are you going?

whoa Sam, too close to the camera!

Brina playing with Bucket's kids

Sammy & the ducks

she's practicing for Everest!

having fun 

the little buckling drinking out of the big bowl!

one of the young gobblers

Max promised me he would keep a close eye on Brina for me...

 We even shook on it... he's good at keeping his promises

 Brina gets a few bottles while she's in the barnyard and that drives everyone nuts because they want a bottle too. Since several of the goats were bottle fed as kids, they think they should get the bottle now even though they are grown, and the dogs drool over the delicious goats milk dripping from Brina's lips... Flavious wants some so bad! And so does Max....

 Last night, I brought Brina in after evening chores, around 7 PM. She was pretty tired. I was working on dinner and making gnocchi, which is a little labor intensive... she got tired of waiting for me to come back into the living room, so she came into the kitchen to sleep so she could be close to me while I worked. 

It was rather adorable. She slept the entire time, only getting up once when I got the eggs out of the fridge, and then she lied back down again.

 sleepy girl

 Douglas wants to know why she's sleeping, it's early yet!

Today in between working on outdoor projects, I'll be working on our Easter dinner. We'll be having lasagna with homemade pasta, tomato basil and garlic rolls, and backwoods pie. I was making lemon pie, which is what I usually do, but this mixture of sugar pie and maple syrup pie had me at sugar. 

As for the lasagna, it's not what we normally eat. Normally we'd have a nice roast, but since this is also a time when I remember my mother, I'm making lasagna in her memory. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Alla said…
How sweet are the babies!! I especially love the one of Brina standing on hind legs on the rock. I love your pictures so much. I don't know how you get them to pose. Mine never cooperate. Have a wonderful day!
Dollwood Farms said…
Happy Easter Donna! I hope the easter bunny visited your animals this glorious day. :)
enjoyed all the sweet pics of the critters

she's a mess

lasagna is wonderful. sounds like a great meal.

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