Around the farm today

Douglas is so jealous of the fact that Brina gets a bottle, he can hardly stand it. He just stands there looking at me like I'm so horrible for not offering him a bottle of delicious goats milk as well. It's not fair. 

The sun was out for a while today but it was still pretty chilly. The goats have been going over the fence again, they haven't knocked it down but they've just been jumping over. Our barnyard fence is shorter than our pasture fences because it was the first fence we ever put up and it was for sheep, who don't generally jump over fences (not like goats). The electric wire that is around the top of the fence was working but then the flashing red light went out on my box and also my tester was showing me no signal. So I walked the fence this morning to see if there was anything interfering and I fixed a couple of spots. Back at the barn, I plugged the fence back in and still it was showing me it wasn't getting any juice. 

I wandered outside and found Basswood out of the barnyard again, so I went over to the part of the fence he's been jumping and propped it up with a stick. As I was placing the stick in the fence, my hand touched the electric fence, which gave me the worst shock I've ever had from the electric fence... and I've shocked myself more than once.

So apparently despite the machine telling me it wasn't working - it was working and pretty strongly. Kevin came out later to help and we got it fixed properly so it's working and showing us it's getting proper power and it's letting off it's proper shock and not the lovely jolt I got this morning. There was trouble in our other pasture, where Izzie spends the day. I hadn't checked the fence over there because I assumed it was disconnected. We all know assuming things is never a good idea...

An hour later I was still making the goats hair stand up when I was petting them.

Douglas and Brina enjoyed playing outside for a while in the yard this afternoon.

 Doug running around

 Silly Brina
It's a lot easier to run around on the grass than it is on our slippery floors!

almost loosing it... she wipes out a lot

 Brina hoping around the yard being a goof :)

 I let Buckets kids outside with everyone today for the first time. They are so tiny I've really been worried about it, but since I knew I'd be home all day today, I thought it would be a good time to give them a little more freedom. Henrietta the hermaphrodite wasn't too sure what to think about these new kids, but she was patient with them. She's quite sweet and very gentle, the quietest of all the goats. Although she thinks she's a boy - I still refer to her as a girl.

the eyes of a fence jumper! Yes, yes I did it!

 well hello, who are you?

I have no idea why, but Sammy was holding his leg up and pointing, while Kevin was walking around the fence checking it. I thought he had hurt himself or something so I'm checking his leg and making him walk, but he was walking just fine and even running, but then he'd stand still again and lift this leg and point it towards Kevin. It's on the top five list of weirdest things I've seen my goats do. The list is getting pretty big though (and most of them are Sammy things) - when you have goats, you see stuff you absolutely can believe almost every day!

 Blodwen and Flav

 Buckets twins, the doeling in front, buckling behind

Lila's ram lamb and Blodwen playing

 Buckwheat says "hey, I want to live in the house too!"

 I didn't realize when I was taking this picture that Buckets buckling had his lip out and was reaching up to her, he's just way too cute.

Bucket and her babies

the little ram lamb... he's a real sweetheart, very independent which is different than most of the other lambs we've had born...

Jackson waiting for something exciting to happen

Now it's time to start the red lentil and lemon soup for dinner so it can cook while I'm working in the barn. Brina is taking a nap, and Douglas and Norman are reminding me it's only mere seconds away from their dinner time!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
i can't imagine the shock you got! i walked into a cattle fence once and was knocked to my knees. those kids and especially brina are way too cute.
Mary Ann said…
I am worn out just watching all the jumping and running around!
Dreaming said…
I am in love with the picture of Douglas, watching you as you fed Brina. That cocked head is just too darn cute!
So beautiful! Lovely blog; I'm a new follower!
Anne ♥♥
Misty Meadows said…
I hate electric fences! Hubby never tells me, when he has fired up a section around the barnyard, and every time I get a good shock!!!

That is one of the best things I love about being on the farm-is when all the babies are running around and playing!!
That picture of Douglas with the pout as you feed Brina is just priceless!
Leigh said…
You always have such great photos but these are tops! So, so funny about Douglas. What a cutie pie.
Let me tell you, I turned the air black for a few counties when I got shocked by the horse fencer once. I think it was set on STUN phasers star trek level.

We had to double height the fence between our yard and the neighbors horse pasture. They mowed off the top of our fruit trees.

Works great, they haven't been able to do it any more.
So cute! I need me a goat. Maybe I can trade in the lawnmower...

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