Babies and sunshine

The morning after our new baby was born,  I rushed up to the barn to check on the baby and her mama. At last check the night before, around 11 PM, everything was fine and mama definitely did not have another baby in there. It turns out, Mini Nut put on A LOT of baby weight!

In the morning the new baby was up playing and bouncing around. She came over to see me, but then went off to go about playing and I couldn't stand it any longer, so I scooped her up and kissed her little head about a thousand times before letting her go back to her play. She is full of P's and Q's and as most baby goats are, the best possible medicine... you can't help but smile when something that cute is jumping around. She is by far the tiniest kid we've ever had - even when we've had triplets and twins. But she is strong and healthy, and full of life. Mini Nut is by far one of the best mama's here... she's very attentive and the only thing that bothers her about me showering her baby with affection is that she gets a wee bit jealous and needs some cuddles too.

It has been warm for the past few days, and by warm, I mean between 70 and 80 degrees F, which is unreal for this time of year. The tress have budded, and everywhere spring is singing her lovely song. We have been sleeping with the doors and windows open and it's the best possible way to sleep. I sleep my best when I can breath the fresh air (never mind my allergies are killing me) and listen to the frogs... it's a little difficult to sleep because currently we have multiple pairs of geese fighting over who will have our pond this summer, and that gets a little loud... but that's alright, it only goes on half the night and not all of it.

The other morning, after I let the animals out of the barn and saw they got food and water, I came home to have a cup of coffee on the porch with Norman & Douglas and read a couple chapters of my book in the sunshine. It was heavenly. The dogs had fun playing on the deck and I indulged in my coffee, the sunshine, and a story of adventure and love. Really is there a better way to start the day than with baby goat kisses, sunshine, happy dogs, and a Welsh love story complete with tall dark and handsome sword carrying Welshman? I can't think of one.

We've been running around a lot this week. Kevin had to take the truck in for some repairs in the city, it's not finished, so we'll have to go back. We had to run to New York State for some errands, and today I spent the morning and most of the afternoon in Ottawa with my girlfriend, shopping in Chinatown and enjoying lunch in between a couple of other less fun, but important, errands. I had Pad Thai, which is one of my favorites. In the market I picked up some red bean cakes, Japanese eggplants, Mangoes, and dragon fruit.

When I got home I checked on the goats... Bucket is ready to pop out some kids at any minute and has been for two days... the licking of the side, the pacing, the wanting me to cuddle her constantly, started two days ago. Yesterday her sides sunk in. I figured last night, but as of this evening, she's still holding them in. She always starts showing signs early - everyone else pretty much shows the signs and kids quickly, Bucket always starts 3-5 days ahead.... I think she likes the attention. 

I've been letting Mini and her baby spend time free in the barn with me while I do chores so I can get the little girl used to being around me. She's really a sweetheart and comes to me quite willingly and likes to nibble on my nose. Besides, she's just so much fun to watch.

what now mama?

 she is white, but has a dusting of brown on her, which I hope stays and doesn't fade as she gets older because it's really quite cute.

Mr. Pickles and Blueberry having an afternoon snuggle

Frisco sampling his hay

Outside, everyone has pretty much just been relaxing in the sunshine.... 

 my two boys sharing a snuggle

strutting around

the only one here who wishes winter was back, he much prefers the cooler weather

Brie, getting ready to roll in the dirt to cool off

ohh this feels good...

smiling Max waiting for a tummy rub

Snick says, "I'm bigger than both of you!'

sleepy Beatrice

Sammy Saanen, relaxing... he has a hard life

Flav & Max

thinking about taking a dust bath

lazy afternoon

Sammy & Bulrush

both of them are just big babies

Buckwheat decides he's going to join the group

much better...

turkey dust bath time

the best way to spend the hottest part of the day

It's very unusual to be this warm in Mid-March and also for us to be getting thunder storms, although thankfully mild ones. It is supposed to cool off this weekend, to more seasonal temperatures which will be a real shock to all of us who are now getting used to it being about 75 degrees.

Last week, we got all our maple syrup properly bottled as well - I still have to make some candy once we get settled again and I'm not occupied with kids.

setting up our new caner we went to Vermont in Feb for

 bottling the syrup

Now it's time for me to head to the barn and do the evening chores. It's so nice to do the evening chores right now with the warm weather and few bugs - they have started to come out but slowly... this is my favorite time of year, early spring and fall, when the weather is cool but not cold in the evenings and the bugs are few. I linger doing chores, cleaning pens, giving everyone extra bedding and treats...

As for the little doeling... I can't decide on a name. I'm usually so quick. I'd like to stick in her case with my B theme... only a few get non B names for different reasons. Because I have been reading a Welsh story I'm partial to Blodwen, which means "white flowers" But I've also just been calling her a million cutesy names, Bambino, Bumble, Bitsy....

For some reason I've been unable to decide for sure... yet. 


Somebody with more critters than us!

Very cute pics.

She's a sweet baby.
Chai Chai said…
What a great set of pictures. I'm jealous of those turkeys. Nothing better than hugging a new born (human or animal)!
Chai Chai said…
I went back and read your story about Sammy again, if brought tears to my eyes.

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