It's a miracle!

After two years of tender loving care (and loads of treats) Roman, our resident mean PD who bites everyone, hates everyone.... just snuggled with me. 

I mean a real snuggle. He let me touch him, he thought about attacking me but didn't - because it felt too good. But he was nervous. These Prairie dogs have been a real chore to bring around - they arrived terrified of everything, nervous, and not friendly. 

In the past year two of them have really come around and Hector has become a very close friend who likes to snuggle daily and likes to be held... Nervous Nelly is still nervous but coming around and Olive, our other female is friendly, although she doesn't love to be petted, she is not afraid of us.

But Roman, he hates everyone. He bites us, the other Prairie dogs, he sprays his musk everywhere, attacks anything that he feels need to be put in it's place (food bowls, toys, etc.) 

But not this morning, we had a long snuggle (a good butt scratch and back rub) and there were people there to document it. He'll never live this moment of weakness down - his tough guy exterior just vanished for a little while, the first time we've ever seen another side to him.

Now we'll see what happens next. Maybe he'll have these good moods more often. If not, I'll take what I can get. Maybe Hector told him to knock it off - it's better to be a lover than a fighter... at least sometimes.


Dreaming said…
Wow! That must have felt amazing to have made this progress!
Kelly said…
I bet they can leave a mean bite behind. Glad that he has finally seen the light. Hope it continues.
Chai Chai said…
I guess all animals can be tamed, I never would have thought Prairie Dogs could be friendly.
Dollwood Farms said…
Maybe he is looking for some good old Valentines love! (or just Valentines treats, lol)
Leigh said…
Wow, I know you were absolutely delighted. It takes a lot of dedication to get an animal to come around and begin to trust. May it only be the beginning!
Alla said…
That is so amazing! That's what love and kindness will do. I have chosen you to give you the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by my blog and see the details.
That's great. I hope he's had a change of attitude.
luckybunny said…
Thanks guys! It's major progress!

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