Greek yogurt with condensed milk and oranges

I decided tonight would be a good night for a treat for us, so I set out looking for something sweet but also light... The theme over at IHCC's this week, was "lighten up" and this seemed to fit the theme and also my craving for an evening treat.

It tastes a lot better than I thought it would,  a lot like a creamsicle. I love the orange with this. It's a really simple, light, and tasty treat. It doesn't get any easier to whip together and it will satisfy your cravings for something sweet. I'll be making this again. This would be perfect on a hot afternoon.

Greek yogurt with condensed milk and oranges
from Apples for Jam, by Tessa Kiros

2 whole oranges
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
Finely grated orange peel and the juice of 1 orange
1 small orange
1 1/4 cups Greek style yogurt 

Tessa calls for you to cut away the skin from your oranges with a sharp knife so you don't leave any pith. I skipped this step because to be honest, I was too tired to bother. Plus I really wanted to just eat it. If entertaining I would recommend doing this however, to make it pretty and proper.

Put your orange slices in a bowl.

Put the condensed milk, most of the orange rind, and 5 tbs of orange juice in a pouring cup. Slowly mix this into the yogurt, bit by bit. Cover and put in the fridge for a couple of hours until it has set to a very soft and creamy pudding. Serve with a few of the orange slices and a little bit of the extra rind for decoration.


Steve Finnell said…
you are invited to follow my blog
Deb in Hawaii said…
This looks so refreshing and delicious. A perfect lighten it up pick. ;-)
I love creamsicles! I am definitely giving this a try. Maybe this week!
I can eat condensed milk with a spoon.

Sounds good.
luckybunny said…
You guys will love it! Redneck I agree, I have to share a quick fudge recipe I have using condensed milk - oh brother! It's too easy and too good.
Kim said…
I made this recipe a few months ago and we loved it. I agree, it really does taste like a creamsicle. Yours looks great!
This really sounds amazing, another one for my to make list:)

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