We have a toy!

I don't see any homemade dresses in the foreseeable future, but Douglas is pretty excited I figured out how to get the machine stitching a straight line! Now to practice... Douglas thinks it's the best thing in the world mind you, so that's really all that matters. Thanks to everyone who tried to help, I'll figure this sewing machine out yet!

It's going to be an early night here, I have a date with a hot cup of tea and a book... It's hard to leave a book, like a movie, in the middle of an important battle... you really need to find out what happens next.... I promise a bigger post tomorrow.


Dreaming said…
I love watching a dog carrying a prized toy. They look so proud!
I'm glad he liked it.

I knew you'd figure it out.
luckybunny said…
Thanks Redneck! :) And yes dreaming, it's so darned cute, it's like they have won the best prize ever :) Who knew, hundreds of dollars on toys and all he needs is a stuffed pillow LOL

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