Getting ready for bed tonight... 

Sammy says, can we get ready for bed now please?

 Max was excited for his Birthday dinner - he turned four today

 Flavious is thinking "I better get something special too!"

the turkeys were huddled up and ready to go inside where it was warm

 Lambie is asking Horace "is she coming?" Lambie, the white ram is blind.

snack time?

Izzie and her new best friend, Flavious

Happy Flavious

Jack waiting for his bedtime treats

After work today, we are pretty tired. So tired, we can't even keep our heads from just hitting the table.


Awww too much sweetness to take in at once...Happy 4th Bday Max.

Blessings Kelsie
haha, that is one tired doggie!
Dollwood Farms said…
I love all your animals! Izzie is my favorite though, lol.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
oh how cute but the pic of the pup is the best!
Dreaming said…
The picture of Douglas is just too darned cute!
Katy ~ said…
What a wonderful life you have and with such sweet friends to share it with.

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