Finally we woke up to blue skies and some sunshine this morning. It was cool, just above freezing, but it was so nice to see some light after many days of clouds. The animal enjoyed basking in the sunshine while they waited for more food.

We ran into town this morning to pick up a few things, including some lumber so we can start work on the floor of our sugar shack. It's a start. We are hoping to buy just a little bit every month, and build a little every month, so by sugar time we'll have at least the floor and the walls done, and we can tarp the roof so we at least won't be out in the rain again this year.

Since I introduced you to our other bucks in recent posts, Deer Norman and Torn Ear, I thought I'd introduce you to our younger bucks - this is the first time in about 5 years we've known about 4 healthy bucks here, we usually have only two that are regulars.

 We call this eight point, "Leo" he doesn't have any real distinguishing marks, so once he looses his antlers he'll be difficult to identify, unlike the other bucks.

 and this is Spike.. not very original, but we started calling him that and it just stuck. We've had lots of younger bucks in the past who have come and gone. Now that the rut is over, these guys are hanging out more which is normal.

The Prairie dogs have been slowing down. They don't hibernate in the wild, and of course in the house it's not cold, but with less daylight they are quieter in the evenings - they go to bed earlier. This morning they were loving the rays of sunshine coming in the house and the sunshine, everyone was awake early and ready to start the day, unlike the past few days... even the birds don't bother getting up when it's so grey and dark outside.

When we got home from town, we had planned to go out and look for a Christmas tree. We didn't get out of the house until about 3:30. We first went to look at a tree we knew had fallen over. We thought if we could salvage the top of the tree, it wouldn't be so wasteful as cutting a new one. But when we got a good look at it - there really wasn't much of a top to work with.

The two places on our property we have trees, potential Christmas trees that is, both require some hiking in and out - so we need at least a couple of hours and if we cut a tree and then bring it back out - a couple more. It was way too late in the day, past four, and it's dark by five, so we decided we'd have to leave it, and we'll have to plan to go out hiking to see if we can find a good one on another day. Maybe tomorrow morning.

It got colder later in the afternoon and the wind came up a bit, but it was a beautiful evening, with a beautiful pink sky promising us another nice day tomorrow. And the moon! It was gorgeous....

 Everyone was more than ready for bed though, as usual. They are always ready come evening for their treats and a dry stall with fresh straw.

Once everyone was tucked away, I worked outside a bit and in the barn. It's so nice to be able to do that now with the lights on. It's nice to work in the barn in the evenings on winter days, when it's dark outside... it's something I love to do, especially when the snow is falling.  It's when I feel like I'm in my element, a time when chores are not so exhausting or overwhelming, and I remember how fortunate I am, and well... just plain lucky to have a barn full of healthy goats, rabbits, sheep, and turkeys.

As I worked, Max and Flav were having their usual evening play.

Tomorrow, hopefully we'll be able to go out and look for a tree if we have time... Our friend, Jim is coming over for dinner, I'm making Shepard's pie burgers and I'm going to try out what I think might be one of my new favorite cookie recipes. If its good, I'll share it.

We got a surprise today in the mail, along with a couple Christmas cards from friends, we got one from Nova Scotia.. not from family, but from a man we met at the Fortress of Louisbourg. He plays a blacksmith there, and we spent some time talking to him in June when we visited with my cousins. He said to us at the time, when Kevin handed him our card, "I'll send you a Christmas card!" and he did! Sometimes it's good to be reminded of the kindness and thoughtfulness of people, and it's important.  It also reminded me not to slack off on that either - ever. 

For now it's off to bed. Hopefully the sky will keep it's promise and we'll wake to sunshine again in the morning.


Nice photos again! Your camera is working for you. I especially like the feeling of the last pic with the light on the barn.
I think you had the same day we had here in Mississippi.

After several days of rain, we got sunshine...but it was still really cold.

And the pink sunset, I have lots of those pictures to post next week.
Dollwood Farms said…
beautiful pictures (as usual). Love the little prairie dogs too. All of your animals are so lucky to have you. Can you feed the bucks at all? Do they come that close?
luckybunny said…
Thanks Norma :) I hope those pink sunsets bring you nice weather redneck!

Dollwood - thank you! :) We do leave food, and salt out for the deer this time of year.

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