Over the holidays...

For those of you have seen the movie "hell raiser" this might remind you of it! On Christmas Eve, it was cold outside... colder than it has been. I've never seen this happen before, but the sheep all had hay frozen on their faces. I guess the moisture from their breath caused it - it was the weirdest/funniest thing I've seen in a long time and I just couldn't stop laughing at Horace. Hell raiser is a horror movie where the guy has pins sticking out all over his face.

Poor Lila got it too. Lambie did as well but being white, it didn't look half as scary as it did on the black sheep! It was just too hilarious for words.

On Christmas Eve, our helper Jim came over for dinner. I had him help me put antlers on some of the critters. I put the antlers on Max & Flav myself earlier in the day and judging from that mess, I figured I could really use some back up.

Sammy didn't really mind, he just thought he should give me a kiss or two...

Max was playing with a stick when he saw the antlers were back - see that look? Please no, no more!

Bea was fairly cooperative as well. Once Max knew he wasn't my target, he came over to investigate.

While I was trying to get them onto Brie, Sammy decided to eat my new hat I got from Jim for Christmas...

Lambie wanted a kiss, which is his favorite thing... and to check out what I was doing..

He didn't however, want the antlers on his head!

and all day, someone slept in a sunbeam on the couch...

and someone else, played with all his new stuff!

Santa came in the form of the UPS man and brought me a new laptop! No more having to use the old one on battery which only lasts an hour... then stop everything, turn it off, and wait an hour and half to charge the battery again... I love the new laptop. I had Windows Vista on my old one, this one has Windows 7 which is better, but I'm having to learn how to use it since I was used to Vista (even though I never liked it.) It's been interesting!

We've stuffed ourselves, and I've been doing dishes for about two days now. Yesterday we laid low here and did pretty much nothing, which was really quite nice. I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday.


Pam said…
Seemed like a lot of fun and scary too! he he! Happy New Year! Hugs!

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